The Pattern!

Pro lost finalie fans are still comming up with theories, maybe locke was touched by richard in 19whatever, maybe jacob made hugo eat lots? end of the day when it comes to answers the writers never knew and neither will we! Stop theorising people its pointless, the answers arent out there!!!!

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12 thoughts on “The Pattern!

  1. The only reason I come on here is to read theories. It’s just been pushed to the side due to the crazy and upsetting (for most) finale.

    I still think there are reasons for the numbers getting introduced (aside from some terrible explanation like “They symbolize Hurley’s low self esteem”). I still think there was significance to “The Incident”. I still think there’s a lot to the show that we haven’t quite figured out.

    Although I may be way off, and even though the writers threw us a nasty curveball for a finale, I still think some things can be connected within the show. I don’t really know when I should stop caring about it. I’ll admit, it’s weird. The show’s over, yet I still come on here. Never know what you’ll learn though.

  2. Glaw+Chief, definitely, I’m on board too..still looking to theorize and read theories..keep ’em coming!

    @eluwan..if you want to think about it that way, why even watch a show like Lost to begin with? We all at least knew we wouldn’t get all the answers anyways…I don’t really care who’s exactly right or wrong; I’m just amazed how people see things in their own way, helps me think.. I love this stuff.. I can only think of so many ways to theorize; by myself I’m limited..this site is like think-tank of great minds

  3. I disagree, although i also feel a little burnt by the finale, i still think you can piece stuff together yourself. I guess you’ll never quite know if you’re correct, but who cares now?

    BTW if you want to know what the island is, after that afterlife ending, i’m of the belief that it was intially the ‘land of the dead’ written about in egyptian mythology.

  4. Good Morning,

    I’m so pleasantly shocked every time I log on and realize people are still thinking and theorizing. I find myself day dreaming about LOST and all its spooky, weird moments. Sometimes, I think I must be going just a little crazy.

    Kudos to the creaters, writers and actors to have given us such intense reactions.

    Keep it coming guys! This is wonderful, good stuff.

  5. Just because the show didn’t end the way you expected or give you what you wanted doesn’t mean you should drop it altogether. And that goes for the theorizing also. The answers are out there but you need to know AND understand the questions to ask. Now that we have all the pieces we can really dig in and figure all this out.

    So don’t worry Chief, you can expect more from me.

  6. Achalli – Good to hear. I’d like to muster the patience to do another rewatch sometime in the next few months. Glad I can count on you and a few others though for some insight in the meantime.

  7. AnnaCee – That’s how it’s happened in the past. I see the plane wreckage on the beach and the next thing I know 8 hours have passed, and I’ve accomplished nothing all day.

  8. I personally liked the ending of LOST, it gave closure to those character’s that we came to know and love. I believe the creators of LOST were smart to go about it in the way they did, and now they could sit back and watch everyone theorize about the myths and the historical significance of the Island. Leaving the door open and not answering these questions leaves the door open for a possible movie – not reunion movie with the characters that we came to know, but a sort prequil of the story of the Island. I’m not saying they will go there, but the fact that the Island was real and everything that happend on it was real, gives them room to go further into depths of it and answer many of the unanswered questions. Just showing those skeletons down near the light hole in “The End”, was enough to hint towards possible prequals… and more importantly the collective cry of the many loyal LOST fans, begging at the Producers heart-strings… We know Jacob wasn’t the first, his surrogate mother was most likely not the first… They told us the story of LOST would be final, they never said the story of the Island is over yet. Keep the faith Chiefy! These guys are no dummies… and by the massive airtime that they dudes clocked in during this final Season – they’ll be begging for more screen time!!! Ha, Ha… Cheers ALL! Ciao!

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