They really mocked us along the past six years… Furey warned us in 2005

Like many of you I’m really pissed off by the lack of answers that our “beloved” Lost writers gave to us (they were really lost all along the seasons). So I’ve been checking very often this site hoping that some enlightened mind presents a theory explaining some mysteries and I have to admit that some of you must seriously think about the possibility of making career in the writing area. This site works like a therapy for me it shows me that I’m not alone in the frustration of being despised by the writers and I think that the way to overcome it is to continue to visit this site and share all the information/ideas/theories/etc that comes to our minds. Thank you so much emzi for making this site. It was a great idea. For the “wanting for answers” haters please do us a favor and let us discuss our frustrations in peace and let us theorize because if you are satisfied the way Lost ended you certainly don’t have any questions or theories to share. So if it is to annoy us please stop visiting this site.

Now that I have my bag empty (I feel much better now) I will share with you what I have found in the Internet (I apologize if anyone has referred to this before).

I found this:

On October 6, 2005, David Furey (Fury was a co-executive producer and writer for the first season of Lost), gave an interview to “Rolling Stone” (issue #984), here’s an excerpt:

“there was absolutely no master plan on Lost” insists David Fury, a co-executive producer last season who wrote the series’s two best episodes and is now a writer-producer on 24. “anybody who said that was lying. On a show like Lost, it becomes a great big shaggy-dog story,” he continues cheerily. They keep saying there’s meaning in everything, and I’m here to tell you no – a lot of things are just arbitrary. What I always tried to do was connect these random elements, to create the illusion that it was all adding up to something.” Many plot elements were concocted on the fly, Fury says; for example, they didn’t know Hurley won the lottery until it came time to write his episode. “I don’t like to talk about when we come up with ideas,” Lindelof demurs. “It’s a magic trick. But we planned that plot: We seeded references to it in earlier episodes.” Fury disagrees. He says scenes with those references were filmed much later and inserted into earlier yet-to-air episodes: “it’s a brilliant trick to make us look smart. But doing that created a huge budget problem.”

If this is actually true, it means that they have mocked us along the past six years.
I wish I had read this in 2005…

What are your thoughts about this?

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I'm a Chemical Engineer disappointed about how badly Lost ended. Regards from Portugal :)

5 thoughts on “They really mocked us along the past six years… Furey warned us in 2005

  1. My thoughts about this are: If it’s true, son of a bitch.

    Regardless though, my frustrations about the show overall are pretty much over. It’ll take a while, mnicolau. I’m not saying I’m forgiving the writers for leaving us hardcore fans out to dry. I hope their careers are over quite frankly. As much as I still love the mystery behind the show, I still can’t stand what they did to us all. But I’m sick of complaining about it. I just want to hopefully figure some things out about the island before I completely forget about the show altogether (If that ever happens).

    Theorizing is fun, I can’t put it any other way. It sucks that we’re having to STILL theorize about it. But it’s whatever.

    Thanks for posting this though. I don’t know what to believe anymore, but this doesn’t sound like something someone would make up. I wish I would have read this in 2005 as well.

  2. wow, thats pretty annoying. It seems that all the lost bashers were right. I get the feeling that the ending they’ve had in mind since season 1-2 was ‘they go to heaven’, and that gave them a large amount of playing room inbetween.

    I’ve kinda learnt a lesson from being a lost fan, as i’ve never been this geeky about any other show.
    Once a show is in its second season and i don’t know whats going on, i’m not watching anymore, regardless of how much they insist theres a pay off.

  3. If you told me that in seasons 1-5 I would have told you it was a lie and that you were crazy…

    I would have strongly considered it throughout season 6, and now that its over, it seems entirely plausible and logical.

    i too have never really been a fan of anything like ive been a fan of lost. and seeing how it ended…i probably never will be again.

  4. Chiefof16- Thanks for the comment. Besides the curiosity about the unsolved mysteries, like you, I want to (completely) forget about this show (despite this show have been great until season 6 arrived) and I think I possibly have a way to achieve it. A.E.S. suggested me “The Prisoner”, an old show form 1967, which I’ll watch as soon as I put my hands on it. A.E.S also mentioned “True Blood” but I’m not pretty excited about this one… any thought on this or additional suggestion?

    shephards_flocke- I think the writers had thought about the island as some sort of purgatory and since the fans have discover this in season one, they tried to change it but their imagination/creativity wasn’t great because they haven’t changed it that much. They just pointed to sell their product and never though in explaining them and for that I feel that all the time that I spent theorizing/reading/discussing was wasted and I feel frustrated. One thing that I have realized wasting my time like that, is that there are many people out there so smart and creative. By the way don’t be so radical, don’t ever leave a show that way. You must believe that besides the Lost writers there are a lot of serious writers,

    ilieintheshadowofthestatue- I feel the same way 🙁 If those transcriptions are trustworthy it proves that they haven’t followed their original script or that they never had a clue about what to do.

    ekolocation- As I said to shephards_flocke you can’t extrapolate this experience to another show. You must give a chance to another show. I don’t know if you follow Fringe, if not I strongly recommend this show.

    Thanks everyone and lets try to move on… to another show 🙂

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