Penny on finding desmond.

how did penny know how to find desmond or even what to look for?
the ending on season 2 they make the call to penny saying “we might have found him” or whatever…how did she even know what to look for?

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One thought on “Penny on finding desmond.

  1. The guys who called Penny were at either the North or South Pole. The were trying to detect “electromagnetic anomalies.” They finally detected one when Desmond turned the fail-safe key and release a huge amount of electromagnetic energy.

    But I believe your question is “How did she KNOW to be looking for an electromagnetic anomaly to find Des?”… This is probably the exact same method that her father (Charles Widmore) was using to try to find the Island. She probably just put two and two together:
    1. Widmore got rid of Desmond by sending him on a sailing race around the world. Desmond and his boat seemed to have “disappeared” somewhere in the south Pacific, as the search crews she sent after him couldn’t find him or his boat.
    2. Her father was looking for an Island in the South Pacific that seemed to have disappeared.
    I guess she did some spying on her father and came up with this method of searching for the Island.

    That’s my best guess, but it certainly is a mystery. But I am glad they didn’t use up an entire episode trying to explain this mystery. There are some mysteries that just aren’t quite worth revisiting at length. Just the fact that she somehow knew how to find Desmond/the Island is enough information for me to be content with that scene.

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