The September Theory Matrix -> Cell Xx,Yx

I would like to comment that the theories presented in this round were as valid as any other, in my opinion. Great stuff all. I don’t think one could pick and choose a theory just because it is the one (sounds sort of Matrix like doesn’t it?) as opposed to; it feels like it’s a better fit for me. The latter thought probably reflecting an essence of the Lost drama…interpretation, perception and democracy. Why I’m here! No…I am not pushing the Democrats.
Now on a business note, I would like to request my submission be declared void wrt this month’s gala as stated in my theory string, not to be confused with String Theory or Big Bang Theory, the TV show not…OK, I stop rambling now. If you want more TV WEB discussion maybe Admin knows where, admins know stuff. In addition, it would be less than honest if I were to say I was worried there was a chance to prevail.
Although, I believe the theory to be valid, it flounders by attacking one of the show’s fundamentals wrt the idea of Good vs Evil. The theory basically says, Good and Evil are interchangeable. And it goes on to say; Good and Evil being unnecessary discrete states why shall they be considered apart. At least that’s what I say now ha..ha. Unintentional as it was, it was an off-the-cuff thought and based on opinion of real reality (can that be said?) inversely related to .. what else, Lost, but in retrospect — morbidly boring TV commentary indeed. Elaborating, ‘not what you call a prime time winning composition’. Yes, I do owe you one after this!.
Besides, not that it is important, I don’t think the producers were on that track. Their version would have been more like Good and Evil are distinct states arrived at by situational events as opposed to preexisting states that require occupancy; a chicken and egg thing, this of course debatable as well.
I will say submissions from this camp for the competition of the month future, will not be consistent with this one’s. ie I intend not to revoke any future offerings (that’s what I say now ha…ha). Didn’t think it was ‘proper’ to ask to delete the particular entry after the amount of elapsed time since submission. There is such a thing called IT Etiquette, you know.
Thanks to Admin for this and the idea of hosting this debate as well as allowing thoughts to be shared, or if you wish me to speak for myself…mine.
Without the series airing anymore, this forum has been a great continuance. Good fun! Hope it goes on and on.
Looking forward to the next Theory of the Month!

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