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Admin, because there were so few entries for Oct 2010, perhaps the contest period could be extended for those who did not get the opportunity to submit a theory in time? It could be called the “Oct/Nov ’10 Contest”.
I (for one) was looking forward to reading a variety of thoughts about The Cabin! It was an excellent basis for discussion. Perhaps the theme is so intriging, more time to ponder it is required.

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6 thoughts on “Homework extension

  1. admin, I’m thinking we need another extension. At least until the Holidays are over. Call it the 4th quarter 2010 contest maybe.
    There does not seem to be much discussion on any of the sites of late.

  2. hey wolfx, sad to say it’s lookin’ like you and I are the only ones checking out the site now a days 🙁

    I think it would be cool if a bunch of us checked back into the site for like a one year reunion, which would be May 23rd week…

    I’m also checking back in for something..hoping for another post or comment..IS ANYBODY OUT ELSE OUT THERE?!! PLEASE POST IN AND SAY HEY!!

  3. I am watching “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen as Santa… Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) is Mrs. Clause… They need to make another sequel where Sawyer is bad *ss Santa

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