Theories on The Event

I know some of you are watching The Event, and I’ve recently seen the first 4 episodes and think it’s really good. It hasn’t got me hooked in the same way as I was when I first saw The Pilot of LOST – however, I do look forward to seeing what’s going to happen next.

And really, this show shouldn’t be compared with Lost. It’s a completely different show. Sure, it poses questions, but it’s a completely different story to what was Lost.

With that though, I think it could conjur up many theories, and so I have created a site called – you may recognise the layout and colour scheme (I think I got lazy).

So, if you’ve been watching The Event and have theories, questions etc. be sure to register 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Theories on The Event

  1. Admin, as mentioned I love the new site. A few glitches to report though. When I click on HOME, I come back here. I do think of this site as a home but maybe that’s not what you want. When clicking on my Profile also bring be back here. It probably just a dynamiic link thing. I tried clearing my cache to no avail. Hope this helps…

  2. Hey Wolfx, I tried the home and profile thing, it brings me to the theoriesontheevent site…maybe she fixed already… “I do think of this site as a home” LOL! I feel the same way..

  3. The HOME item now works but the Profile link is still bringing me back here. Tried on 2 different PCs – loaded with Windows and Linux respectively.
    Maybe its Karma, maybe the Island isn’t done with me yet….we haaave to go back Kate!
    wolfx out of control, again! 🙂

  4. Addendum
    I’ve just discovered clicking on anyone’s name who is a member on both sites will return the user here.
    The plot thickens – we all must return to the Island.
    On a semi serious note, I say there is a slight mod needed in the code admin. But you don’t have to correct it on my account, I like coming back here!

  5. Admin – last comment from me I promise (I think) on this. The ‘problem’ only occurs in your Testing post string on the Event site, because the member’s names link points to their profile here. Elsewhere the links appear to work properly.
    I should have picked that up right away but I’ve been preoccupied with carbohydrates and vegetating when I’m not actually at work 🙂

  6. Hey cocoadoll! welcome back.. I’ve only watched one episode of Once Upon a’s fantastic..haven’t gotten into it yet though, mainly because it shows Sunday night..I might watch them all on Netflix sometime..

    So that being said, if you or Emzi create a site, I would definitely join it..that would actually motivate me to catch up in the show…

    However, one issue.. I am really looking forward to ABC’s “The River”, if that show does well, I’ll probably be busy looking for and being part of sites created about that show.. are you planning on watching it? It’s coming sometime mid February..

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