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Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, just to say I think that it is very admirable the remaining dedicated ‘Losties’ have kept writing here and many others are participating in some fashion.

The series was outstanding; it was one of the most interesting and certainly one of the most addictive. Obviously I haven’t kicked mine! Too bad the producers (thus far) have not proven themselves to have any more substance save that 12 minute video entitled “The New Man”. The producers may be (in my thoughts) stars but just ordinary ones. They did not go that extra mile which may have propelled them to the higher ranks. 12 minutes makes not a mile unless you are walking really fast (ha) And if you want some proof of what were saying just check the 2010 Emmys results. Zero awards for Lost and associates.
However, complaining about the end is not in intent of this essay although anytime I can I will take a few swipes. We can now apparently answer a great many of the mysteries ourselves which is precisely why the true super stars are the folks that have contributed to this site and others like it. Thanks to this site, I’ve been gratified by reading other members supplemental stories, thoughts and feelings about the series. They (the TOL contributors) have had the talent and capacity to write version sets that represent to me, more than missing puzzle pieces but entire quadrants of it. These folks have a zillion times more imagination than the Lost producers ever had. If the folks on this site had written for the series it would be either still be airing entertaining the masses or it would have ended with nothing to complain about wrt satisfactory answers to the mysteries.
But…back to reality and off my soap box, we are just talking about TV. Or should I shall I approach entertainment in general. To take one more jab, I’d say the Lost ending was as satisfactory as the ending for the Oscar winning movie entitled “No Country for Old Men”. I felt spiritually gratified with that ending…NOT! Were these two shows written by the same people? However, it was a good movie — I see a comparison. Could these be examples of what is becoming a signpost for our contribution to this virtual world? Hold that thought (sudden shift) – I think…this brings to mind a past show…a show that represented a future Utopian..the…a…The Next Generation. I think we’re on that Donkey wheel (going round and round). Such as life! The fact TNG was a previous generation’s product is irrelevant; I’m just lookin’ at past examples of TV fan abandonment that ended in long term success.

Ok then, let’s revisit that spin off argument. This time there’s Monopoly money where my mouth is – empirical proof, for your consideration;

Trekie$ = Lostie$ 2

-> (the following is pronounced like the star of the TV series, Paranormal State, while he’s narrating or maybe more like Stephen Hawking while he’s just talking) – Math is in theory a subjective expression medium but at the same time a universally accepted method of (end of sounding like those guys)….Got to go, The Event is about to come on the tele in this time zone!

Oh, and one more thing Ma’am – The best of the season to all and to all a good night 🙂

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