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Whoa long time no post…I miss LOST…and this awesome website.  Well I felt inspired by my LOST dvd collection to sit down and write a song about LOST.  This is the first song I ever posted on Youtube, so I’m still working on some bugs.  But check out this song and tell yo friends!

“Constant Tonight”

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2 thoughts on “LOST songon Youtube

  1. awesome! great job Grego…It’s kind of sad in a way, it’s like a Valentine song to Lost…and Lost is like the love of all of our lives, and she ain’t ever comin’ back..or is she? There’s just that sliver of hope that she will.. That she will be-my-constant-tonight… haha… well keep checking back in and give a post every once in awhile.. I’m always checking this site and Lost-Isle for posts.. And if you could, copy and paste the lyrics here so we can read them…I liked that part where you said “your my Charlotte, I’m your Daniel Faraday” it was perfect in rhythm

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