Josh Holloway sticks to his guns on ‘Community’

Much like his paintball-gun-toting character on Community, Black Rider, Josh Holloway is a man of mystery.

Ask where he lives, and he replies, “Somewhere in Southern California.” Ask for details about any of his acting projects, and he lays on the Southern charm – thick – but never gives a straight answer.

His penchant for secrecy was no doubt perfected during his six seasons on ABC’s hush-hush adventure series, Lost.

But unlike Lost’s hunky, garrulous con man Sawyer, Black Rider, who complicated the melodramatic paintball war at Greendale Community College on last week’s Community, shoots more than he speaks.

The mystery man wraps up a two-episode arc Thursday (NBC, 8 ET/PT), but who exactly is he and who is he working for?

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