Lost Fanfiction “After the Incident”

Hey all,
I see very few checking in lately..Again, big thanks to everyone who read and commented on my story (meatwadjm, Achalli, emzi, know who you are!)..
I’m writing another Lost Fanfiction story on the Lost Fanfiction website.
It’s titled “After the Incident”
It’s similar to the beginning of my other story, but much better since it’s creative writing, not scripting. I made a bunch of changes in the details and plot also..
If you’re interested, please read and comment..Enjoy! -bobt

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It's 9:00pm, on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010, and The End is near..

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  1. awesome! Ya man, leave me a review on the Lost Fanfiction website if you read, you can do it without having to register on the site…It’s tough to get people to read it there, only have 2 reviews so far..I’ll be publishing one or two chapters a more 3 to 4 a week, creative writing is way more demanding than scripting…but I find it very rewarding so far

  2. @meatwadwjm..thanks for posting your review! I noticed you posted your review on Chapter 1 though..I was thinking maybe you didn’t realize I posted 4 Chapters already, and should be Chapter 5 tonight… did you see the pulldown menu to view the other chapters? Just checkin in case you didn’t see it..

  3. hey meat! It would best to post comments here on this page..The reason being, I can’t reply on the FanFic review thread because I’m the Author.. If you comment here, I can respond…But I appreciate you posting those 2 reviews up there, that helps other readers notice the story..

  4. Love where this is going bobt!! I will be happy to see the next chapters….still have to read up on your last work. Keep them coming please!! It helps ease the pain of missing Lost!! 🙂

  5. hey maxiesmum3! so glad you’re enjoying! I’ll keep em coming…I wish I could put one up every night but it takes a little longer to write these stories in creative writing format…I hope to put up Chapter 6 this weekend..

  6. btw, I don’t recommend my first story, now that you’re reading fanfic one…fanfic one is much better..and the plots are similar so it might be confusing..

  7. I tried to leave a review but couldn’t find a link, so I will comment here. I did read some of your first work a few months ago, but have been very busy, so your new work should not confuse me too much! I appreciate your writing and efforts to keep Lost alive for those of us who are truly Lost!! Thank you!!

  8. Hey meat and maxiesmum3, just posted my latest, enjoy! I’ve got another one soon too, probably will post next couple days…

    @maxiesmum..if you tried leaving a review the first several chapters, I mistakenly had the ‘anonymous review’ option checked only the site members could leave a review. You should be able to now, just look at the bottom of the chapter for the link “Review this chapter”. I’d appreciate a review, if possible..even just a sentence or two 🙂

    Reason being, the more reviews, the more some of the other readers may possibly be interested. As for questions and conversation, go ahead and comment here on this page…I’ll definitely get back with you..

  9. hey meat! thanks for letting me know.. I’m really enjoying the writing…I’m writing chapter9 tonight, hopefully publish tomorrow.. you probably realize, the stories are very similar so far.. I hope to put some extra twists and additions to it, be looking for them..

  10. Hey Meat, let me know what you think of Chapter 11..I love the added detail I came up with in that chapter..

    @maxiesmum, hope you’re still sticking with it..thanks again for your comments earlier..

  11. Im lovin it so far. I like how u made the new christian character someone different not just mib again. i hope you can make enough difference between your first story and this one
    keep em comin

  12. Bob – would it not be great if TV picked up your stories? The series could be called “Lost, The Alternate Timelines”. The last season could be written off as a bad dream Sawyer had.

  13. @meat, wanted to check in with you.. sorry I haven’t published for awhile.. i was so stuck.. but I finally had a writer breakthrough tonight.. I’ll have Chapter 14 up sometime this week! -bobt

  14. sorry again..thought I could finish by this weekend..I’ll post it sometime this week, hopefully have another by Thurs night..I’m on vacation for more than a week after that..then hopefully after vacation start posting twice a week..

    Just to give you heads up, next couple chapters are very similar to previous writings (but so much better I think), then probably 5 to 10 chapters of similar plot, then probably 2 chapters of brand new scenes..then I’m ending story, and calling it a new name (but not like before, you’ll see)..can’t wait to get this story rollin!! vacation will help..

  15. @meat, so sorry man, tried my best, I didn’t have the necessary focus and concentration needed to finish next chapter..Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m determined to do so. I’m more than halfway done with it, and love where it takes story…to give you something to chew on, it picks up right where last chapter left off. The mysterious man at the cabin tells Claire they must wait for the physicist in order to save her friends and the Island.. The name of the chapter will be “Man of Science, Man of Music.” I think that’s enough of a hint to tell you who it’s about!

    @wolfx.. can’t wait to read your next theory man! I’ll be sure to comment..

  16. hehe, ya I’m hoping to get back in rhythm and write 2 a week… At the pace the story is going, I’ve got so much I need to write to finish..I should have another this weekend!

  17. meat! so glad you chimed in man.. I was thinking you stopped reading.. I switched things up a bit by writing another Lost story, it’s much shorter, I only have one more chapter to write. I hope to finish that by this weekend. Here’s the link:
    It’s totally different than “After the Incident”. More romance based and first several chapters involves an afterlife scene in the church..but please give it a shot, I promise it’s really good. I’ve got some fans that keep writing me about it. By the end of the third chapter the action starts..The story has some cool Ben Linus twists to it also..

    After I finish this story, I promise to get back to After The Incident. That story was just getting good too; I plan on putting some extra twists in there with Charlotte getting involved, it sets up the reasons why The Losties need to come to the Island in the Alternate Timeline, which I admit I couldn’t come up with any great reasons the first go around with my story…

    Take care, thanks again for chiming in..

  18. Don’t worry i check this site everyday. You keep writing them i’ll keep reading. just finished your other story. Now i can’t wait for you to finish the first one.

  19. Hey Meat, Chapter 25 up..let me know what you think..sorry taking so long..I can’t write any faster..I will keep it going though, no matter how long it takes..I have so many ideas to add to the story, hang tight, it will all make sense

  20. Like i said i check this site everyday. Im caught up with the story im really into this story. i think this is the best one so far. keep up the good work and thanks for continuing writing

  21. Hey Meat! I know it’s been awhile..I just finished a 2 chapter story for the fanfic site.. It was Christmas challenge many of us on the site signed up for, basically writing a christmas story somebody else asked for. I had a request for a christmas conversation between Ilana and Ben.. I came up with an idea of Ben visiting Ilana in the hospital (before Jacob visited her with the burn bandages). Here is the summary:

    “Jacob’s dear friend and loyal servant, Ilana Verdansky, is the only survivor of a horrific Christmas day fire in the Russian city of Chelybinsk. Benjamin Linus decides to visit her in the hospital, and cover her medical bills.”

    Please give it a read if you have the time and let me know what you think..

    I will let you know when next chapter is up for “After the Incident”, can’t wait! sometime next week, or maybe this weekend.. -bobt

  22. Hey meat! back up and running! Hope you’re still enjoying fanfic story..several more chapters to go, and you’ll see several scenes I’ve never written’ll see, gets cool..

  23. yea im still checkin in on here every once in awhile. I still check your story everyday im up to part 4 of your story really liking it cant wait to see how it all comes out. keep up the good work thanks for writing and keeping lost alive.

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