Charlie and his near death experiences

I’ve been thinking about Desmond and his flashes of Charlie dieing, and I remember now that those aren’t the only near-death experiences Charlie has had.

In the Pilot episode Charlie had TWO near-death experiences. One of them was on the plane when some heavy object came crashing towards him, with him moving out the way just in time. And the other was when the plane had crashed and everyone was panic-ing on the beach – and a huge part of the plane comes crashing down just behind Charlie.

And then there were the bees. If I remember correctly, Charlie says he’s allergic to bees? He got stung by a hell of a lot of them, yet he still survived.

And what about the time Ethan hung him by the neck to a tree? He was dead’ and was nearly given up hope on by Jack and Kate, until Jack decided to keep trying to revive him – which he did.

Then there was the hatch blowing up. He survived that (although everyone involved in that did).

Then there are all these flashes Desmond has been having of Charlie dieing. The lightning, the drowning saving Claire, the drowning getting the bird, the arrow in the neck’

and the final one being drowning after ‘flicking the switch’.

If you count them all, excluding the last one, that comes to 8 near-death experiences. I can’t remember if there are anymore than that, but 8 sure is a lot of times (and is also one of ‘the’ numbers).

The last one will be the 9th time (if it happens!). Maybe it has something to do with having 9 lives? Like a cat? Ok, that only just came to me while counting up the numbers, but maybe it has significance’

Maybe Charlie is just lucky and unlucky at the same time. Unlucky because he’s always nearly getting killed, but lucky because he survives it.

It just leaves me wondering though. The last two flashes of Desmonds, weren’t what they seemed. The one where Charlie gets an arrow in his neck’ Charlie only joined Desmond, Jin and Hurley because Desmond told him that Charlie was there. But what if Charlie was never really meant to be there, and that Desmond saw him in his flash because Desmond told Charlie he was there (Ok, that’s a bit too complicated’ I hope it makes sense).

I guess what I’m saying is that Charlie would never have been there if Desmond hadn’t told him he was there.

And it’s the same with the latest flash. Charlie only swam down there because Desmond told him he did – but what if he didn’t? What if Charlie never really went down there? And what if he was never supposed to go with Desmond on his ‘save penny’ mission.

Could Desmond be a manipulator of events? Does he see things the way they ought to be, or the way he manipulates them to be?

I’ve kind of gone of track here now, because I started with talking about Charlies near-death experiences.

Although Charlie has survived them all, it seems that he’s destined to die, and I think Desmond is going to cause it. (Although I’d prefer my original theory to be the case).

phew If you read all that, thank you 🙂 I hope it makes sense.

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  1. Only thing I have to say is this, If Charlie didn’t go down there they would’ve never turned off the jammer. Being he’s the musician of the group. It all makes to much sense. I really don’t have any Theories about lost. I just have millions of questions. Not to spoil your idea. Good thought though…

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