Desmond and those flashes

My original theory, ‘This was supposed to happen’, states that I think Desmond was always supposed to save Charlie, and that his task was to earn Charlies trust so that eventually Desmond would convince Charlie that his fate is to die at the Looking Glass.

After furthur thought, I have thought of new twist to put to this theory.

Ok, so’

Alot of people are saying that Desmonds latest flash mustn’t be true because we never actually saw what happened, but with the other flashes we did.

Actually, we never did see any of the other flashes Desmond had (apart from the one where Charlie gets an arrow in his neck)’ we never saw Charlie drowning after he saves Claire, we never see him get electrocuted, we never see him drown after getting that bird etc.

This leads me to a possibility that maybe Desmond never actually saw Charlie die in any of those flashes. It’s possible that Desmond just saw Claire drowning with no one coming to help her (which is why he helped her), it’s possible that he just saw the lightning hit the ground and he knew exactly where it would hit, and it’s possible that Desmond knew where the bird would be’

Could it be that Desmond never saw Charlie in any of these flashes, but somehow he knew about the Looking Glass and knew it was Charlies fate to go down there, so he lied to Charlie to earn his trust?

The only flash we saw of Charlie actually dieing was the one where he got an arrow in his neck’ and that only happened because Desmond pursuaded him to go on the ‘save penny’ mission.

If Desmond wanted to ‘save his life this time’, wouldn’t he have just told Charlie to stay at the beach?

I know I know, people think that Desmond needed it to happen the way it was supposed to’ BUT, I think that this time he asked Charlie to come so that he could save Charlies life physically, so that Charlie would believe that those previous times that Desmond had saved his life.

When actually, we don’t know if that’s true.

I still think that Charlie was supposed to go the Looking Glass all along, and I still think that Desmond was set a task (whether or not he knows about it) to get Charlie to the Looking Glass. Therefore lieing to him about saving his life was just a ploy to get him there.

Whether this theory is true, or my original – I still believe that Charlie is never meant to die.

I just thought I’d add a twist to my original theory ‘This was supposed to happen’. Let me know what you think 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Desmond and those flashes

  1. I’ve also had vague feelings about Charlie not “supposed” to die. There’s just something about Desmond (like why was he running in the jungle naked as a jaybird when Hurley saw him?) and some other things that don’t add up. He had seen Jack at the stadium and yet they never discussed it. All just a tad “off”.

  2. What about when des arrived on the boat,he claimed he didnt know anyone,that to me was des disassociating himself with the losties because of what happened to naomi.It’s as if des has an agenda which he keeps clear in his mind.Here’s an example of how i see things.After des’s meeting with ellie at the jewellery shop ,and watching the man with the red shoes die,des decided to split with penny.It appears to me that des knew straight away that ellie knew about him and penny,and acting as if it was advice from ellie, he did what he thought would be the right thing.He knew he would go to the island,he knew he’d push the button for three years and he knew eventually that he would be turning “a”key.When kalvin showed him the key and what to do with it ,it probably came as no surprise.Remember when des made the call from the freighter,well i imagine that des really did visit penny when he was younger in real time to get her phone number,so she could come and find him.the flashes had nothing to do with anything ,apart from helping des remember the number.Penny knows more than she’s letting on.
    Here’s something interesting about charlie,charlie said he could’nt swim earlier in the story(remember when the girl drowned,jack failed to save her, and saved boone instead),then a lot later in the story when someone had to go down to the looking glass, charlie claimed he was a more than adequate swimmer.maybe it was because he was smashed out of his head from heroin i don’t know.
    Anyway back to des.There’s more to des than meets the eye, and he deffinitely knows what he’s got to do.Do you see,des made a call from the frieghter not to do anything except arrange rescue for himself.
    So given all these events,i think charles widmore has been fundementally controlling some of the things we’ve witnessed, and he’s the one with all the answers.

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