Maybe it is something to do with time?

As much as I’m against the whole ‘Time Travel’ theories going around (not because they’re not plausible in any way, just because I don’t want time travel to be a factor in Lost) – I have to say that there is a clue in the first season of Lost that could be viable to the ‘Time Travel Phenomenon’.

Well, actually, not ‘Time Travel’ as such, but re-living moments over and over again until you get them right (in a Ground Hog day kindof sense).

In one of the earlier episodes of Season One (episode 4 I think), Jack is speaking to Rose. They have a conversation about how they were sat near each other on the plane, and Jack mentions that his seat was 23A.

In the finale episodes, there is a flash back to Jack at the airport and he’s speaking with Ana Lucia at the bar, and they discuss their seat numbers. Jack looks at his ticket and he tells her he’s sat in 23B.

Ok, we know from the Pilot that Jack was originally sat in 23A, and when he moves out of his seat to, presumably go to the bathroom, the turbulance hits and he ends up sitting in 23C.

When they’re burning the bodies from the fuselage, Claire is reading out names of the people that died, and she mentions someone sat in 23C (I didn’t hear any name, so who knows what she was refering to).

Anyway, ignore that for a second.

So we know that Jacks seat was 23A in the Pilot. In the flash back of him talking to Ana Lucia, he tells her his seat is 23B.


Maybe they’re reliving the crash over and over again until they get the outcome right. Perhaps the Pilot was the original crash, and then the scene with Ana Lucia was perhaps them reliving the crash again – but something changed slightly in events for him to get seat 23B instead of 23A.

Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill and this was just a simple mistake by the writers? It seems to big a mistake to make though, I mean, how hard would it have been to go back to the episode with Jack telling Rose he’s sat in 23A and make sure that’s what he tells Ana Lucia?

Could it be that the writers did it on purpose and that it’s supposed to be a huge clue as to what’s happening?

Could the flash forward in the Season 3 Finale just be one of the many outcomes that has happened because the Losties didn’t do the course of events correctly?

Could it be that I’m just completely mad? 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Maybe it is something to do with time?

  1. I am against the Time Loop theories….I don’t mind COURSE CORRECTING and INTERVENTION, but I want it to be difficult and not an easy thing to accomplish. BUt, specifically addressing this problem that you’ve picked up on….

    I hope it’s not a PRODUCTION MISTAKE and I HOPE it’s not a TIME LOOP thing. I hope it’s something very cleverly put together. It can be anything but those two things. IF it has to be one of the two, I hope it’s a PRODUCTION MISTAKE and not a TIME LOOP thing. But, there is something to this error, and it would be neat if there were reasons. Who know’s, maybe Jacks just drunk…however, he has a photographic memory and is brilliant, so even drunk, I don’t think he’d mess this one up

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