Wasn’t Jack supposed to die?

I had heard that Jack’s character had been written to die in the first few episodes, but then the script was rewritten. Is this true?

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3 thoughts on “Wasn’t Jack supposed to die?

  1. He was supposed to die in the pilot episode, but they decided to keep his character as they didn’t want to alienate people by killing off the “hero” in the first episode.

  2. Imagine what would Lost be now without Jack? No heroic doctor to cure injuries, no man tears, no man of science – and not a member of the oceanic six. Would it have been oceanic five??

  3. Believe it or not, Michael Keaton was considered to play ‘Jack’. That was back when they were going to kill him off. They figured that keeping this information quiet, and then having Michael Keaton show up in the lead role, would then build up a kicker of a surprise by having him die in the first episode.

    They were probably right – but it would have ultimately been a massive sacrifice for a cheap surprise tactic so they ditched the idea and instead made Jack the main character and cast him as such.

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