Claires Warning

In Season 4 Kate had a dream about Claire. Claire was tending to Aaron and when Kate interupted her, Claire warned Kate “not to bring him back”.

The persumtion here is that Claire is talking about Aaron. But lets put another spin on things.

What if Claire was talking about Locke? Locke is now dead and we know Jack has to bring him back to the island. We’ve seen that dead people can be resureccted once on the island (Christian), so what if Locke is resurected and bad things start to happen again?

It could also be Ben. Ben has done alot of things that he thinks are good for the island but result in deaths of people etc. What if Claire was warning Kate not to let Ben return to the island?

Food for thought, no?

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11 thoughts on “Claires Warning

  1. Yes, but it was Claire who said it. Claire is in cahoots with Christian. Christian may well have some evil plan to take over the island and sees Aaron as a threat. So, he pursuades Claire that its best for Aaron to stay away.

    Yes I know it was only a dream… but still… 😉

  2. It being Aarons mother who warned kate not to bring him back brings us direct to the conclusion that she meant aaron.

    I’m sure if the writers were trying to warn kate about locke they’d use someone else other than claire.

  3. I think you have to put the dream in context: this is a dream, so its not Claire talking to Kate but Kate’s projection of Claire talking. The implication being that Kate has made up her mind to go back to the island (despite her telling Jack that she won’t go back), though she knows going back isn’t in Aaron’s best interest, hence Kate projecting Claire’s worry in her dream.

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