Who is Jacob?

Ok, so this isn’t really a theory. It’s more of a debate.

I’m inclined to believe that Jacob is one of the losties who went back in time at the end of Season 4. (Ok, it’s not known for definate that they’ve gone back in time but from the previews it looks likely).

So, if this is true, and Jacob is one of the losties that went back in time… then who is he?

The candidates are:






I can’t think of anymore men who went back in time, other than Locke (who we know is Jeremy Bentham), so who out of those five is most likely to be Jacob?

Thoughts please.

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13 thoughts on “Who is Jacob?

  1. I thought it was Daniel when I thought that only he had gone back in time. I thought maybe he’d been unable to get back to his current time and so became stuck in time. But now that it seems everyone has gone back, Jacob could be anyone.

    Or, Jacob could just be Jacob.

  2. I think it would be somewhat of a waste of a character if Jacob isn’t someone we’ve already met because the writers have set him up to be somewhat of a sympathetic character, confined and disembodied and begging Locke for help.

    Personally, I’m not of the opinion that Jacob can’t be Locke. I’ve posted a similar theory on another site but consider the following:

    -Locke was born prematurely and was consequently confined to an incubator.
    -Locke was shoved into a locker.
    -Locke worked for a box company.
    -Locke worked in a cubicle.
    -Locke was confined to a wheelchair.
    -Locke is the man in the coffin.

    It seems to me that the writers might be giving us hints as to Locke’s ‘destiny’. We’ve already seen one ‘coffin-man’ appear inside the cabin(Christian Shephard), and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a second.

  3. risebysin – I think I read that theory at and remember thinking the connections to Locke being confined were very clever. It certainly seems plausable 🙂

    Feel free to post it here so that more people can see it 🙂

  4. So in light of what appears to be Richard taking his orders from Jacob in S5E3, then doesn’t that eliminate Richard?

    Why does it for sure have to be one of the Losties stuck in time? How come it couldn’t be Jack if Jack in fact makes it back to the island but at the ‘wrong’ point in time? (Both Christian & Claire are seemingly comfortable in his cabin.) I’m not a Jack fan, so maybe I’m looking for a way to make him redeemable to me.

    But seriously…why would it be limited to the Losties who are still on the island?

    I like this idea a lot and want you to expand the idea some more. For some of the time explanations given on the show, it would seem like Jacob can’t really appear the way that Sawyer couldn’t meet Desmond at the Swan…right?

  5. desmond2687, do you know when the writers said that Jacob hasn’t said anything, yet? Because, maybe it’s Aaron? I believe Aaron is of significant value and going by the time traveeling now it seems as though Aaron could definitely be Jacob. How about when Jacob yelling help to Locke in the cabin, it was Aaron asking for help and that’s why Locke developed a relationship with Aaron for awhile until Charlie got jealous.

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