What’s your favourite episode?

I think my favourite episode is Walkabout. Even after all this time it still sends a shiver down my spine when we find out Locke was once paralysed. It was like the first time we know that all is not what it’s cracked up to be on that island.

What’s yours??

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5 thoughts on “What’s your favourite episode?

  1. That episode is also one of my favourites.

    The Desmond episodes are great – I love the fact that his episodes aren’t the typical flash back episodes like all the others. I can’t wait to see more Desmond centric episodes in Season 5 now that he’s in the “real world”.

    I also enjoyed the S4 episode when Kate’s son is revealed to be Aaron – I totally didn’t see that coming and was totally surprised!

  2. My Favorite episode (not including the season finales) is The 23rd Psalm!! The moment where SMOKEY meets Eko is my favorite scene of all the shows!!

  3. It’s almost an impossility to choose just one. I’d say the last one so far has been the most amazing, the one with Charlie drowning the most emotional, and so forth.

  4. The Season 1 finale/Season 2 premier is a hard combination to beat…I was literally jaw-dropped while watching these!

    Otherwise, The Constant is pretty fabulous.

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