The Constant

I’m pretty sure you all remember that famous Lost episode called The Constant. The episode where we see Desmonds consciousness shift back to 1996 where he is told by Daniel that he needs a constant to survive, and Penny is his constant.

After Desmond saves himself Daniel finds his notebook and reads a page that says “If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant”.

Ok, so this message in Daniels notebook: did it appear after Desmond had saved himself (ie after his visit to Daniel in the past), or was it there all along? And if it was there all along, why didn’t Daniel remember it?

If there isn’t such a thing as changing the past then surely the message would have been there all along?

But then Desmond meets Mrs Hawking, the woman who tells him about course correction. No matter how you try and change things the universe has a way of course correcting.

So, now we have a dilemma. We have a scenario where you can’t change the past or the future and that Daniels notebook had that message in all along; or you can change things in the past but no matter what things will course correct to your destiny.

What I believe is that the message was always there BUT if Desmond hadn’t gone back to his 1996 consciousness the universe would’ve found another way for the message to be there, and Daniel has a loss of memory about the meeting because really it hadn’t happened to him… yet.

I hope that makes sense!

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10 thoughts on “The Constant

  1. Hi Diva. Well, what I’m trying to say is, is:

    Daniel had that message in his notebook the whole time.

    If Desmond hadn’t gone back to 1996 at that time in 2004, then the universe would’ve found a way to course correct and make Desmond go back to 1996 in 2005, or he could’ve gone back to 1995 in 2004.

    Basically Desmond was always going to go back to a point in time to give Daniel those numbers and if he didn’t do it when he was supposed to, the universe would course correct and make it so.

    Therefore the note was always in the notebook no matter when Desmond went back in time.

  2. I get the bit where you said that if Desmond hadn’t gone back at that point then the universe would course correct so he would enevitably meet Daniel.

    What I don’t get is what you said about Daniel forgetting the meeting because it hadn’t happened yet. Surely, if Desmond had gone back in time to meet Daniel at any point, the meeting would’ve already happened by the time Daniel is on the island in 2004?

    That’s the confusing part.

  3. I think Daniel suffers from really severe memory loss. He never wore anything to cover his head while experimenting at Oxford, and he couldn’t even remember the three cards with Charlotte.

    Or maybe he is just constantly unstuck in time………..

  4. Is it at all possible that the Daniel Faraday we see arrive on the island is actually his past self that flashed ahead, during an experiment or whatever, and his true present self is…well, in the past?

  5. THINK about when Des travelled back to the past. On the freighter, when they first landed, he was feaking out, because he didnt know anyone or who they were. He even told his army buddy that he “was on an island”. I feel this is the case with faradays memory.

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