Kate Austen – Traitor

Kate Austen: fugitive on the run turned loving mother of someone elses child. Something just doesn’t add up there.

I propose that Kate has some hidden agenda, something deceiptful and traitorous that only she knows what she’s up to. Not even Ben could have manipulated her to this level.

When the O6 go back to the island I think she will give Aaron back to Claire, demanding no furthur part in his upbringing. Then, she will turn her back on Jack and co. to do something for herself.

Maybe she has a secret alliance with Christian or Jacob, or even Locke, and that her mission was always to end up back on the island to serve some purpose. Some mean and evil purpose.

Just what that purpose is is another mystery, but you can rest assured that Kate is up to something.

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39 thoughts on “Kate Austen – Traitor

  1. What your saying is absured. Fair enough Kate has had a bad past but if anything the experience on the island has taught her to be a better person, I dn’t think she’s likely to have a hidden adegnda.

  2. I doubt that Kate had some evil agenda behind her custody of Aaron.

    She simply allowed her weak nature to get the best of her and allow Jack to talk her into agreeing to participate in a horrendous plan to deny Aaron from being with any of his relatives off the island . . . especially his grandmother.

    Kate is guilty of participating in a deception that is similar to kidnapping. That’s it.

  3. I don’t think she will betray Aaron and Jack like that, but who’s to say she hasn’t got a hidden agenda.

    Certainly, one of those agendas is to stay out of prison so therefore she’s using Aaron in a way so that won’t happen – but I genuinely believe she loves Aaron as her own and don’t think she’ll be cruel enough to abandon him.

  4. I have had the prediction that Kate will betray Jack for a very long time. It hasn’t happened yet, but I think it will. I have a very long theory tying in the end of the season songs that were playing in 3 and 4 that would lead us in that direction….but I’ll save that for later. I agree with you, I think Kate will betray Jack (not Aaron)

  5. I don’t think that just because she was a fugitive on the run, she has a secret agenda.

    Her crime that led to her running for so long was to kill her mother’s abusive partner. True he turned out to be her biological father, but as far as she knew he was just some random hick.

    In fact I can only think of two clues as to why she might turn on the Losties:

    1. Edward Mars – “Don’t trust her”

    2. In the episode ‘I Do’ Kate marries and is ready to settle down. She calls Mars and he tells her he’ll stop chasing her when she stops running.
    This could mean one of two things. On the one hand Kate could be addicted to the chase (so to speak), and can’t stop runing because it’s all she lives for. On the other hand (and if I were in her shoes) if Mars says to stop running, I’d run like hell. It’s his job to catch her – would you really believe he’d give up when you’ve settled down in one place like a sitting duck?

    So Kate is guilty of a) protecting her mother, and b) running from the law to (probably) escape the chair. The times when she has fallen in love it has been snatched away by the fact that she is on the run.
    Post-island, she is no longer running. She can’t leave the state, but she doesn’t have to worry about any further punishment. Jack is the one distancing himself from her.

    In summary – the writers may have left clues that she can’t be trusted early on, but I really think what has been shown since that first season supports the idea that she has always wanted a normal life, but the law has always been on her back to stop that from happening.

  6. Open your eyes!

    Kate wasn’t even thinking of her mother when she killed Wayne. She even said so in “What Kate Did”:

    [Kate and Sawyer in the hatch.]

    KATE: Can you hear me? Sawyer? Wayne? [Sawyer stirs] I’m probably crazy and this doesn’t matter, but maybe you’re in there somehow. But you asked me a question. You asked me why I — why I did it. It wasn’t because you drove my father away, or the way you looked at me, or because you beat her. It’s because I hated that you were a part of me — that I would never be good. That I would never have anything good. And every time that I look at Sawyer — every time I feel something for him — I see you, Wayne. It makes me sick.

    Diane even pointed this out in “Left Behind” when Kate tried to claim that she had killed Wayne to protect her:

    DIANE: What are you doing here, Katherine?

    KATE: You look good.

    DIANE: I asked you what you are doing here.

    KATE: I wanna know why you told them what I did to Wayne.

    DIANE: I thought maybe you came cause you wanted to say you were sorry.

    KATE: I’m not sorry. He hit you, he treated you like a dog, and you…

    DIANE: You can’t help who you love, Katherine. And for good or bad, I loved him. And you burnt him alive. You turned on the gas and you lit a match. You murdered him in cold blood.

    KATE: I did it for you.

    DIANE: No. What you did, you did for yourself. [Shrugs off her tears] I have to go back to work. Because you are my daughter, I’m not going to tell the two men sitting at the table who’ve been following me for the last month that you are here. But I swear to God, Katie, if I ever see you again, the first thing I will do is yell for help. Goodbye.

    Why do “LOST” fans continuosly try to make excuses for Kate’s crimes? She is guilty of murdering Wayne Jensen, because she could not stand the idea of him being her father. She murdered someone because of her own private insecurities.

    And if fans are not making excuses for her murder of Wayne, they’re making excuses for her custody of Aaron. She had NO business raising him. Just as Jack had no business creating that lie about Kate and Aaron. And Sayid, Sun and Hurley should have spoken up or refuse to go along with the lie.

    Many fans claim that the Oceanic Six went along with this lie to protect the others left on the island. What in the hell for? How would tell the authorities that Claire was Aaron’s mother going to endanger Sawyer, Juliet and the rest of the island’s inhabitants? All they had to do was state that Claire gave birth to Aaron on the island . . . and later died before they could be rescued? Was that so hard? If they had done this, the authorities would have taken the time to find any of Claire’s relations . . . and Carole Littleton would have ended up raising her own grandson, instead of some woman who was facing a trial for murder and other charges.

    This is becoming disgusting. When will fans stop allowing Kate’s all-American looks and her role as the series’ leading female to blind them from the truths about her character?

  7. Everyone I know that watches Lost hates Juliet but thinks kate is the greatest thing since sliced Dharma bread. Kate wants a normal life for “herself” and doesnt care how she gets it. Something has got to give with her soon.

  8. i really dont think were going to see any of our Losties “happy endings”. She loves Sawyer, and the man cant stop sacraficing himself. Sawyers a good guy who does brave things for others, Jack is a good guy who does things…well, because he says he’s going to. Call me nuts, but i think Kate will lose everything in the end. I look for a dark and tragic final 2 seasons.

  9. Personally, as a fan of Lost I’d be dissapointed if everyone got a happy ending.

    Sure there’s alot of Kate fans out there but I think they’d be more interested in a good story twist than seeing Kate live happily ever after. The writers aren’t going to give her a happy ending just to make Kate fans happy.

    I’m guessing DR you have a huge dislike of her.

  10. “True he turned out to be her biological father, but as far as she knew he was just some random hick.”

    Not true Mac, she found out he was her father, and that’s why she killed him.

    DR76 – I think the idea with the character of Kate is to promote the idea that “good” and “evil” are not necessarily black and white issues. Kate obviously did wrong, but was provoked into doing so through her father’s abusive behaviour. Not that that excuses it, but it introduces an element of sympathy for her. This, including the fact that we have seen her as a noble figure on the island, and a loving mother off it, raises questions about right, wrong, and redemption – a big theme in Lost.

    Plus, she is very pretty.. 😉

  11. I think Kate does have an agenda and it isn’t so hidden. I have written three theories recently on Kate in another forum. [If you would like to check them out they are here; here; and here

    Basically, Kate has been talking to Ben. At the season finale of season 3 Jack tells Kate he’s been flying planes hoping they would crash. In season finale of season 4, Ben repeats this same information back to Jack; the implication being the Ben and Kate have been talking

  12. Thanks for all the comments guys.

    It’s good to see a theory can create such debate.

    @paris – She may love him now but when she meets Claire again I think that will change.

    @dix – It might sound absurd to you but to me it’s reasonably possible.

    @DR76 – Kidnapping isn’t the way I’d put it. The O6 are lieing to keep the island safe from being found – if she were go give Aaron to Claires mother then that would go against the lie.

    “Why do

  13. you dont SEE Kates charm, good looks, always willing and wanting to help out, nice to almost everyone, pulls the good lookin island guys, and has gotten almost everything she wanted from men off island, charm spews from Kate.

  14. From the 1st time kate walked out of the jungle and helped sew Jack up without a seconds thought, I thought it was strange, look back on the whole show and Kates character. Her “charm” is part of the act.

  15. Just some observations about Kate.

    She used her old boyfriend to get to see her mother and he ended up dying in the car crash. She “used” him to get what she wanted.

    She had a field day in the bank again to get what she wanted.

    Both those times it was for a small plastic airplane. I wonder if the writers will ever answer the stor behind that?

    She led Jack on and then turned to Sawyer then seemed to be jealous of Juliet.

    Aaron was a way for her to avoid prison. She’s aware that Aaron has a living Grandmother and is keeping him from seeing her or even knowing her. I wonder how Claire woudl feel about that?

    I don’t care for her character’s “character”. If she’s shown to have an agenda other than protecting those left behind it wouldn’t surprise me.

  16. I might be taking the biggest leap here so far (get pitchforks and torches ready) but i seriously believe she is in on something with either ben, widmore, or even jacob.

  17. Since the last comment may get me either laughed at or stoned, i might as well come out and say it. I, as some on other sites, truly belive she is Annie. Nope, no facts, and i hate when people theorize without credibility,but this is all intuition.

  18. I disagree that she was Annie. We saw the time capsule she buried with a best friend when she was younger (I can’t remember if she mentioned how old they were then, I’ll look it up). She sounded about the same age as Annie was though, and at that point Annie was on the island, not in Iowa.

  19. I know, i know, i just cant help it. Its one of those things that until they show who annie is, i have to stay with kate. I will admit, the idea of charolette being annie makes sense, but i want a bigger twist.

  20. It’s impossible for Kate to be Annie. Ben is a lot older than Kate but when they were children he and Annie were around the same age.

    Also, don’t you think Kate would remember being on the island before and knowing Ben? Or is that all part of this hidden agenda??

  21. i just think it would be weak to not make annie someone who is already important. Like i said, all speculation but, i know 4 people named kate and 3 of their middle names are Ann. (katherin or cathrerine ann) a very religious name i might add

  22. btw…if you only want to dislike kate for now, go right on ahead, but im gonna continue to see her as a “bad guy” (as ben so eloquently puts people into perspective)

  23. I think it would fit perfectly if Annie were someone we hadn’t met. In my opinion, she died during a pregnancy (with Ben’s baby), which is what makes Ben so singleminded about solving the pregnancy problem, with his wife, mother, and child all dying due to complications with pregnancy.

    For me it would add an extra level of caring to Ben, to complement his reaction to and sorrow at Alex’s death.

    Guess we’ll find out who’s right soon enough 😉

  24. Coolbeans, I must say, you have, throughout my lost theories era, addressed many of my posts with “your version”, mostly, i do not agree. But when you show me something, sometimes, it knocks me onto another course that makes more sense. This is really one of those times.

  25. coolbeans, would you mind if i post a probably rediculus theory, based on something you just said that gave me a spark? You hopefully will quickly shoot it down and take another headache away.

  26. I have read theories that supposed that Kate was infertile and acting as Aaron’s surrogate mother would fulfill her desire for a child. Kate has not been shown as a nurturer, in fact she seemed a little reluctant to hold Aaron when asked to by Claire. So I don’t know if the desire to be a mother theory is a valid assumption. On the other hand, I have wondered lately if Kate had a hidden agenda. We never did see the rest of her breakfast with Ben. Do you suppose something was discussed between them that would support the idea that she was up to something else? Just an idea bouncing around in my head. 🙂

  27. i do suppose actually. :] i actually believe that kate may have/hadsome type of memory loss, along the lines of des or faraday. I really believe, even if not annie that kate is a bigger player on island than let on.

  28. A.E.S. – By all means. No need to even ask permission. This is a theory and discussion site – if something I’ve said has sparked a thought in you, things are working as they should.

  29. Ive been trying to work it out, and I unfortunatly cannot find “solid” evidence to even support it. Its almost too bold to post without anything. Ive got to research a little more. Just too big and uncertain to just say.

  30. I think that Kate wishes to give Aaron to Claire because she still feels that he doesn’t belong to her… and feels guilty that she has Aaron because of her and Claire’s friendship. Also, I honestly think that she would never turn her back on Jack (ooh that rhyms- haha). Many fugitives don’t mean any harm, or are at the wrong place at the wrong time. She obviously didn’t want to kill Tom and wishes to take back all of her actions. Also, she seems so really care about her mother… a lot.

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