Locke, Changing Fate to make Faith

I know this may seem far fetched, but ANYTHING is possible on Lost right? Im going to try to explain this in simple steps and we”ll see how much sense it makes in the end, it”s kind of rough around the edges, so please bear with me.
Lockes time line from paralysis:
1-Gets parylized being pushed by Anthony Cooper out the window.
2-Locke goes to Australia, being coaxed by Matthew Abbodon.
3-The plane crashes and Locke can walk again, its a miracle!!! :]
4-At some point in time, Anthony Cooper is in a car accident, caused by “someone”, and brought
to the island.
5-Locke shows Sawyer who Cooper really is and he (Sawyer) kills him.
—–here is what I think happened, and what we dont know—–
—–BTW, buckle up—–
6-Locke at some point in time (the word ‘time is so farbeyond relative, its rediculus) goes back, causes the accident and brings his father to the island. (hence ben saying that he didnt bring Cooper to the island, Locke did.)
I figure this much, if there is a thing such as “fate”, maybe it does have to be made. Maybe Locke is not supposed to get paralyzed. Maybe Cooper was just supposed to take his Kidney. If Locke went back in time, after Cooper rused him into giving up a kidney, but before he pushed him out the window…are you with me still…and plucked him from real world time, took him to the island, and had Sawyer kill him…i know, its a run on sentence…he would be able to take the gunshot from Ben, AND still be able to walk.
The island is “magical” to Locke and others, because it allows possibilities that would never be possible normally. And running with all the time loop theories, and Locke’s AccuWeather skills, it is most likely assumed that Locke is familiar at the least with whats going on.
So there you go let me know what you think. By the way, this is my first post here, give me the worst if you dont like it, and btw, this is a great site!!!!!!!!!! :]

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

9 thoughts on “Locke, Changing Fate to make Faith

  1. Welcome to the site A.E.S. Glad to have you here 🙂

    I like this theory, especially the explaination about Ben telling Locke that he brought Anthony Cooper to the island.

    The only thing I struggle with is if Locke brought his father to the island before pushing him out of the window then Locke would never have been paralysed, never met Abaddon, and never have the inspiration to go to Oz – therefore never ending up on the island.

    That’s the impression I get from the theory but please tell me if I’m getting it wrong 🙂

  2. the problem i have with this is that cooper referenced pushing locke out the window when he was chatting with sawyer in the black rock. if locke changed the past so he was never crippled, cooper wouldn’t have remembered it happening… yeah?

  3. …and i’ll just file this in my debunked file. Thanx spirit, one less headache for me. I actually appreciate having my theories shot down. Saves me time. Greatly appreciated. I’ll be back with another soon, so keep your weapons loaded. :]

  4. Locke does bring Cooper to the Island…..the Cooper he’s talking about has already pushed Locke out the window, there’s plenty of time post-paralyzing for Cooper to get snagged.

    So it doesn’t change the fact that he was crippled, but Locke STILL brought Cooper to the Island, which in itself is fascinating.

    By the way, what’s the spoiler policy of this site? Hint hint…HINT.

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