Mrs Hawking – Who she is

Mrs Hawking is the woman who Desmond met at the jewerly store when he went to get an engagement ring for Penny. He was about to change events by deciding to buy the ring, when Mrs Hawking tells him that he doesn’t do that, that he changes his mind and walks out the door. She explains to a confused Desmond about course correction and that if he doesn’t end up on that island pushing that button every single living thing will die.


So who is Mrs Hawking?

I think that Mrs Hawking has some connection with Widmore. She could possibly be an ex of his (persuming Hawking is now her married name). Widmore knows she has special abilities and was once on the island herself, around the time that Charles was. That was how they met. She could also be the mother of Penny.

There’s allsorts of connections going on in lost and I don’t think she is just a random psychic that Desmond happened to meet. If Mrs Hawking is Pennys mother then that could lead to allsorts of possibilites for the show.

What do you think??

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10 thoughts on “Mrs Hawking – Who she is

  1. I do not feel she is random either. It is certainly not coincidence that someone who is determined to explain and regulate the rules of time is named Mrs. “Hawking”. But I must say, there is deciete in what she preaches.

  2. Thanks for your comment A.E.S, yes she does seem to have a quality about her that says “I am deceiptful”. But for what purpose? And did she lie to Desmond?

  3. I’m not sure about Ms. Hawking. There is alot of intrigue surrounding her but I’m not sure if she’s connected to Charles Widmore.

    She seems to be connected with the Monk from another of Desmonds episodes (the photo on the Monks desk shows a photo of him with Ms. Hawking). I’m not entirely sure how the two are connected and what they’re up to with Desmond.

    Getting him to meet Penny would be the last thing Charles Widmore would want though, so it seems unlikely they’re connected.

  4. I truly feel that these people such as her, the monk, Abbadon,possibly even, (this might not go over well) Christian and Cooper, are merely pawns. Recruiters by the island or someone on it.

  5. In catch22 Brother Campbell says to Penny to thank her dad for his generous contribution, so at the very least, we know he is connected there by donating money to them. So he gives money to a monastery where Ms Hawking has a connection. Can’t wait to find out why!

  6. She never introduces herself as Ms. Hawking, does she? And yet I have heard her called that by Lindelof and Cuse in the documentaries. I think that was just a working name for the script of that episode and it stuck. That suggests that her true identity has yet to be revealed.

  7. After seeing ‘Jughead’ we can probably assume that Ms Hawking and Widmore did know eachother when they were younger. Ellie on the island in the 50’s is most likely Eloise Hawking and she and Widmore were both members of The Hostiles group that we saw in this episode.

  8. wow, interesting to read these pre-5th season posts now that season 5 is over.

    Nice work on figuring out she is related to Whidmore. I take it you have your answer now?
    that Whidmore is indeed Faraday’s father through Hawking.

    Wasn’t season 5 awesome?

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