Charles Whidmore Daniels father?

Ok so the girl holding the gun to Daniels head, named Ellie, thats Mrs. hawking when she was young right? so that was Daniels mother perhaps…and maybe Mrs.Hawking and Charles Whidmore are his parents since they both seem to be on the island at the same time in their teen-ish years?…

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5 thoughts on “Charles Whidmore Daniels father?

  1. You know, i didnt even think about that. Thats a great thought. I love it. Now, is it at all possible to dig up evidence? Might be too early, but i think you may have gotten it.

  2. Could Ellie be short for Elizabeth? Could Libby be Widmore’s (other) daughter? Here she is handing out boats to strangers in airports… She has to be filthy rich. Also, being the daughter of that guy would drive anybody into a sanatorium…

  3. My thought on Mrs. Hawking’s first name being Eloise actually comes from the ABC re-run of “The Lie” which aired before “Jughead”. It had those little pop-up trivia blurbs, and in the very last scene when Mrs. Hawking is down with the computers, the fact given said, “This is Eloise Hawking, who deterred Desmond from buying an engagement ring…”

    SO, that just added to my belief that she is Daniel’s mother since his rat was named Eloise, too.

    And then obviously she is in LA according to Widmore, same as Ben and the O6. The writers are good, but I don’t know if they are going to over-complicate EVERYTHING. 🙂

    I really like the idea that she and Widmore could have had something going. Neither Ellie nor Charles seemed to want to follow Richard’s leadership in 1954, which would make for some logical rift for Charles from the Others (at least.)

  4. excellent observation on neither wanting to follow richard…im workin on something right now to make this a concrete idea. I will have it out before the next episode

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