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In my mission to prove that the TIME LOOP theory, or TIME LOOPS in general are not a part of what’s going on in LOST, I realized something that may be of THEORY MATERIAL.

Let me start with a simple question?

What do the Black Rock, the Boat Rousseau’s Team came in on, Desmond’s Boat, Henry Gale’s Baloon, the Beach Craft (Yemi’s plane), and Oceanic 815 all have in common?

Well, I can’t necessarily prove this yet, but I suspect each of these transportation mechanisms all arrived on the island unexpectedly or at very least without the use of the correct bearing.

In an island very protected by whatever it is being protected by, I think it’s important to look at what exactly allowed these transportation devices to enter the islands radius.

Based on last week’s episode and some light answers given throughout the first 4 seasons, I think our answer is coming close to revealing itself.

Let’s start with the easiest one, Oceanic Flight 815. We have received confirmation from the producers that 815 crashed because Desmond was late on pushing the button. Let’s call this an EVENT.

Now, how did the outside world and Widmore find the island? That was through the turning of the FAIL SAFE KEY. This has been confirmed by the producers as an event that ‘SAVED’ the world’either way, it’s an opening the island gives off. Let’s call this an EVENT

What happened after the first FLASH or TIME TRAVEL after the Donkey Wheel was pushed’..We see the Beach Craft (Yemi’s Plane) crash into the island. Let’s call this an EVENT.

So, the build up and release of the special ELECTRO MAGNETIC build up opens the island up for entry’thus giving outside ‘vehicles’ ways to get into the islands Radius.

So here is my thoughts and a mystery puzzle I’ll be putting together the next couple episodes. Each flash is taking us to a time and opening up and acting like an EVENT on the island. This is how Mrs. Hawking is tracking when and where the island will be next (in space) and how they can re enter the island with the 06. They have 70 hours before the flash works in space and time for the 06 to return. In time, all these flashes are creating WINDOWS of ENTRY for things to enter the island.

For now’..I’m keeping my eye out. Location of the island is being traced by EVENT WINDOWS in Mrs. Hawkings lab’.along with those EVENT WINDOWS there may be RELIC like vehicles entering the island. I’d suggest keeping an eye out’because I have a prediction, one of the FORWARD Flashes is going to be the entry point for our O6 to return. We may also come across the Black Rock, Henry Gale’s balloon, Desmond’s Boat, and of course Rousseau’s expedition team’.and in turn solving the Danielle Rousseau back story problem.

In the end, it will fit like a puzzle’.nice and neat, and we’ll know exactly how everything got to the island.

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15 thoughts on “Event Entry Points

  1. PURPLE SKY… I donno, I’m using the word EVENT as something that we can call all of the FLASHES/PURPLE SKY… that opens up it’s window to the radius it controls

  2. Also, i think Lost is going to give us several answers that have no right/wrong..and i think this may be one of them. Its all about perception i believe.

  3. Great minds think alike, i shall answer your theory, the same way you answered mine. Perspective. From our view, we see things repeating/looping. The survivors have a running time line with no actual realization that they are doing things over. And no matter what, you cant deny that some things are happening more than once.

  4. acharaisthekey, Nice thoughts overall.

    I think there is some confusion about the event vs. the incidents and ‘the flashes’.

    If you look at the Focault Pendulum, Ms. Hawking was using to calculate when an ‘event’ window to return to ‘the island’ was feasible, that clarifies the ‘event’ window.

    The ‘incidents’ are, the crash of #815 and the implosion of the Swan station both caused by Des not pushing the button.

    Yemi’s plane crash was due to ‘the flashes’ after the wheel was turned by Ben.

    Yes, these were all caused by a build-up of electromagnetism, but are not the same as the ‘event’ window.

    In saying that, the ‘event’ window is calculated by a variety of determinations. One of them being, trying to NAIL down a specific date in time they want the ’06’ to arrive back on ‘the island’.

  5. i am picturing the instrument making at least 2 maybe 3 calculations. The possible being the ‘when’. I see the second being where the island lies. And i think, if my theory is correct the event is meant to be seen as almost an object, and the window would be the bearing.

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