Dharma Stations – List and chronology

Trying to establish some sort of chronology for the Dharma stations… can anyone help to correct my data?

Dharma Initiative founded in 1970 (the orientation film says so).

The Looking Glass;
The Arrow; 2 of 6 (orientation video in 3/4 “, shot in which year?)
The Swan; 3 of 6 (orientation film in 16mm, copyrighted 1980)
The Flame;
The Pearl; 5 of 6 (orientation video in 3/4”, copyrighted 1980)
The Staff;
The Orchid; (built about the time the Arrow Orientation video was recorded)
The Tempest; Looks rather elaborate

Sonar Fence; construction unknown. I would says some time after the Arrow.
New Otherton (The Barracks); built Between 1970 and 1980)

Broadcast Tower and Communications Shack;

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