The island was always moving in time and space

I wont be surprised if most think that this is a bizarre theory but do have a read and let me know what you think. To make it easier to relate to, I have put down my supporting argument in points. And it is important to note that all these happened before Ben ‘moved’ the island.

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9 thoughts on “The island was always moving in time and space

  1. Hi carolyndee, i will definetly come back to this after the show tonight or tomorrow, just wanted to let you know i think it is good discussion. A few things i disagree with and a few things i like.

  2. Hey carolyndee, I agree ‘the island’ has always been moving, if only slightly in time and space.

    I think you’re on the right track with certain things. Keep working it!

  3. A.E.S – thanks! looking forward to further comments from you. I like the disagreement part cos it just means more surprises for me!

    Also I am so jealous as I will only get to see 5.3 on Sunday as I’m in the UK. But as usual I’ll read the synopsis so please don’t hold back.

  4. Remember when the Freighter is ‘Stuck’ in season 5? When Regina jumps overboard?

    Doctor Ray leads Sayid across the ship to meet the captain and Sayid says: ‘The ship is not moving’… To which the doc replies: ‘If you say so…’

    Aside from being one of my favorite lines in Lost, could it indicate that the doc is aware that the KAHANA is stuck in the wake of the island and is being dragged along through time and space… ?

  5. andre7, if you at all agree with my black hole theory at all, youll love. That is called frame dragging, meaning it pulls any object that is in the vicinity with it.

  6. I’ve got nothing much to add to this except a helpful visual… imagine the island like a buoy bobbing in the sea, loosely tethered to the ‘real’ timeline and place. Now imagine that the buoy’s been cut loose…

    My main question would be how it became disjointed in the first place.

  7. With regards to #7- The earthquake (and the plane crash) was caused by Desmond being late entering the code when he was in the Hatch. I think it was the same episode that the other guy died.

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