Jughead Many Thoughts

Better not to waste time extolling the superb quality of tonight’s episode. Suffice to safe, excellent. Here are some completely new revelations, and some old ideas that found new life tonight.

1.So the obvious: is Jughead (the bomb) the “chernoybyl” like thing guarded by all the lead and concrete beneath the Swan? They covered it with concrete. There was some kind of leak. Somehow it can interact with the “time wheel substance,” potentially destroying everything. They devised a way to “release the energy,” devised a “fail safe key,” yada yada. Food for thought at least.

2. A new perspective on life viewed through the eyes of Richard (and to some extent Ellie, Widmore, and the rest of the others. But especially Richard.) Time travel narratives typically follow the path of the traveler. But I love to look through the eyes of people living in the times they traveled to. Imagine this. You’re Richard Alpert. An old man with a limp wanders into your encampment, proclaims himself to be a charge sent by Jacob, hands you an old compass, tells you he has seen the future, asserts himself your leader, gives strange hints about his birth in two years, pleads with you to tell him how to get off the island and then…completely disappears. In Richard’s timeline, Locke would have been yelling “how do I get off the Island” and then gone the MOMENT after the flash (and, assuming Richard too sees the flash thats double: a flash and a disappearing Locke). Ellie would confirm the same happened with Faraday, Sawyer and Juliet, while Widmore et al would say the same for Miles and Charlotte. The matter surely would have left Richard in somewhat of a funk. I do surmise he lost some sleep over the matter. Then he decided it merited a visit to Tustin California. And there, in the hospital ward, Richard would find younge John Locke, just as future Locke told him. Its no wonder that “Locke” would take on a mysticism to Richard and the others; no wonder they would later tell him “we have been waiting for you a long time.” If the flashes continue, I presume Locke will make more entries into Richard’s life at various points. Each time he will stay a little, perhaps telling Richard what he knows, perhaps obtaining information about the Island’s secrets from Richard. And each time he will disappear, and things he says may/will come true. I think this may even further express why when Richard went to visit age 7 Locke he got SOOOOO PISSED. This is before he truly understood the principles guiding Locke’s journey. He tried to reach out to him to early, slowly learning he may never “officially” meet Locke until after the plane had crashed on the island.

3. Eloise. I have been on the fence since last week about whether Hawking is Faraday’s mother. I now believe it to be true. In addition, I think Ellie (the gun wielding blond) is Miss Hawking. Reason: Ellie is short for Eloise. Daniel says to her “you look really familiar to me.” This would be because she is his mother. And the final evidence (something that randomly fell into place tonight: a memory that “came to me” just like Desmond) Farday named his test mouth Eloise. After mommy dearest.

4. Why Walt Finally Makes Sense to Me!! (The actor at least). First of all, did anyone else’s broadcast network have the “hot pockets” (or something) commercial with Walt? That boy needs a new agent. But on to the business at hand. It has always perplexed me how the writers would deal with Walt’s age. This has probably become apparent to others already, so I apologize for reiterating what is already in your mind. But when we saw abnormally pubescent Walt visit Hurley, it was THREE YEARS after he left the island. So he would be 13-14 at that time. And though still a mighty pubescent 14 year old, a 14 year old he remains, making his age plausible. Thank goodness!

So, tell me what you think. And lets continue the conversation.

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7 thoughts on “Jughead Many Thoughts

  1. loved the stuff about alpert, have been saying forr a week now that mama faraday is hawking 2/2 now…but as for walt, well i think a growing boy sometimes grows a little too fast..nice post

  2. 1. I think Jughead is simply THE SICKNESS. If you think about it, Daniel realized you had to bury it because of the leaking WHITE THING. I’m guessing this Radiation would make you sick in the form he saw it. I like your idea though….it makes sense!

    2. Right on with Richard!

    3. YOU ARE RIGHT!!! Ellie for sure is Mrs. Hawking! (and probably though against my prediction, Faraday’s mom)

    4. The Commercial was for TYSON CHICKEN NUGGETS!! Poor guy! Definately needs a new agent

  3. Since season one it has amused me to think of how the writers got themselves in a pickle.

    They create a show about a crash on a deserted island. As they write a half dozen episodes a pattern begins to emerge. Each episodes covers a period of one to three days in terms of story time. They (as producers) realize that this show is going to be a continuity nightmare. Anyone who has watched the bonus features of Season 4 – the documentary on the guns has had a laugh about that.

    Aside from the progressively deteriorating state of castaway clothing, beards, hair length, etc. are an issue. You can see them working out these problems (not always satisfactorily) through the first two seasons.

    Then I imagine some timid voice around the writer’s table squeaks ‘What are we going to do about the kid?’

    Obviously, with the success of the series it became painful for them to have written a Michael-Walt story into the show. Their conscience probably did not allow them to kill off Walt. Sending him off in season two probably got them off the hook (at least for awhile).

  4. shanimal, I love the post! I like how they made the viewers aware of why Richard was convinced he had found ‘the island’s’ next leader in Locke.

    The other question it raised for me, is why Alpert and ‘the others’ apparently don’t recognize some of ‘the losties’ when they meet up again in the future. Or did they?? hmmm!

    ‘Jughead’, is a common reference to bombs. The name ‘Jughead’ appears on the side of the bomb.

  5. Lets remember who Richard saw…Locke, Miles, Charlotte and Daniel. Right? He didn’t see Juliet, because she ended up going to Daniel, Sawyer and Ellie. Was that her way of making sure that her and Richard didn’t meet since they weren’t supposed to meet until approximately 2001?

    I also was thinking about how there’s the possibility that many of the other Others from last night’s episode may in fact have followed Widmore instead of Richard eventually, so we can’t be certain that many of the 1954 Others are the same Others when Juliet is around, let alone Sawyer or Locke.

    Especially if they had some reproduction issues….

  6. I really like the idea that Ellie is Ms. Hawking! I never even thought about it but it does make complete sense, especially as Daniel told her she looks familiar!

    Great stuff! 🙂

  7. loved the chernobyl/swan link, that was great. I also thought if one english man turned out to be old widders, why not one very well spoken english lady being old hawkers. It’s the accent which done it for me.

    So I guess alpert never travelled back in time at all, he waited 2 years and went to that hopsital. Great stuff.

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