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I know that lost-pedia has a place for questions within certain pages, but I am curious if there is a post on here that has an ongoing list of questions to reference as we watch this new season unfold. (I know this is a theory site, which means that actual answers take some of the fun out of it all. But there is some satisfaction to some “aha” moments, for me at least. Three episodes into this season, and I am liking some of the distinct connections and reveals that are happening.) I was thinking the same thing about the Oceanic 6 and the supposed discovery of all 346 passengers…and why that hasn’t been addressed. So anyone else up for adding a few things to this list of nagging questions that might make their way into this season? My natural tendency is to start with characters, but of course there is room for all the other stuff, too.

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  1. you serve good questions, but i think you should answer one of your own with the theory you put in my ‘why’ theory. Best ive ever heard, and oddly enough the most simple.

  2. I know my whole question/statement in that comment of, “You can’t change the past but can you change the future?” could be one of the most remedial, obvious things ever said. Of course we change the future…every day with every decision, every action, etc.

    But back to the television show…

    Given that we have some people moving in and out of specific time periods, I would think that they are in fact altering the future, even when in some ways, the past is their future because it’s the present time for them. Did Sawyer cease to exist in December 2004 because when the island/people moved they went back in time? No, the past is his current, which technically is his future, right? Why else would Daniel tell Desmond to find his mother when Daniel is in 199? and Desmond will (most likely) find Eloise Hawking in 2007?

    So, if Desmond (and Daniel) have the ability to alter some events to save the people on the island, then it would seem that there are some things that could be happening simultaneously – yet separated in time – connected by the powers related to the island continuing to move even though no one is turning the Donkey Wheel, no buttons are being pushed, etc. Which I have thought to be interesting these last two episodes.

    What is causing the island to move? Is it the electromagnetic-whatever OR is it because some of the things that were supposed to happen are being “course corrected” so then the island is skipping to where it needs to go next?

    The island realigning and undoing some things that aren’t supposed to happen or ARE supposed to happen could sound overly simple, but is a thought to consider. (Destiny does call, right?)

    Back to the airplane and passengers though. Maybe Oceanic Flight 815 does crash, but in the future, it’s not the plane that any of our people are on. Maybe it’s a new Flight 815 on the course corrected 9/22/2004, and the reason that Daniel cries at the news of the crash when it does happen is because in a sense, those are 346 innocent lives lost at the expense of the undoing the events that we will see play themselves out…the events that Locke will try to undo by sacrificing himself, the events that have already started in some of these time-skipping episodes.(Like the guy that was freaking out and got a flame to his stomach – did he die in the past or the future? Because if he died in the past, he shouldn’t have been on Flight 815, right?)

    I really shouldn’t try to explain my thoughts late at night. Thanks for the encouragement though. It’s fun to think about and good to know other people get hung up on the same stuff.

  3. #3 Kate’s issues.

    I think Kate in seasons 1, 2, 3, got over most of her running issues.

    Think of Aaron as therapy for her. When she got back she decided (for his sake) to face up to her past. She reconciled with her mother (a big one) and agreed forcefully to serve her sentence with traveling restrictions… An added incentive to be good?

    She has obviously been pretty good. When she tells Sawyer that she is NOT pregnant on the island I felt she was not relieved, was even offended that he was. I think Aaron is someone she can look at and not see her father or Sawyer, or Jack and especially not herself. He is a clean slate. A fresh start.

    She settled with Jack and (I think) was committed to him. Now, ironically, others are going to pressure her to break her parole and go back…

  4. #2 Miles” connection:

    Too early. Here is a character who is going nowhere right now. Unless they take this guy straight to the Black Rock I see nothing he can contribute to the conversation…
    (‘Just walked over a fresh grave…’ Indeed!)

  5. #4 Juliet:

    I think you are right with Juliet. She is the most un-predictable character on the show (next to Locke).

    When Locke refuses to pull the trigger and explains ‘He is one of my people’ I wonder if he has any regrets later when he learns who Jones is.

    I think Juliet was driven by two things. The hope of rescue and being re-united with her sister again. That hope would pretty much be dead right now.

    …And a developing affection for Jack (which she pretty much gives up on in season 4 after the Tempest. She knows he is in love with Kate.)

    Kimberly, you call her devious. Yes. There are still things we do not know about Juliet, like where did she get that killer right hook? Or learn Judo? Up until her husband dies she is such a mousey little thing. I guess some Ben rubbed off…

    The thing about serial television is that the writers have to come up with a new character arc for each actor each season. Juliet is a quiet survivor, but her past motivations no longer apply.

    What will she do next?

  6. kimberly, you have so many great thoughts which you can tell you have given a lot of consideration to.

    AES is correct, you should run with a theory. I think you would do it justice.

    My take on Juliette is this; Juliette is motivated to get off of ‘the island, however I suspect she has a hidden agenda we are unaware of at present.

    Remember, Ben sent her to be with ‘the losties’ and Ben ALWAYS has a reason! Don’t take your eyes of Juliette!

  7. #7: How did Ben know that it was 2005 when he arrived in Tunisia? How does that help us to sort through some of the time perception/skipping issues. We know what is kind of going on with the island, but what accounts for him arriving 10 months ahead of when he left? It wouldn’t make sense (yet) that it has to do with the odd time differential issues as we saw with the doctor issues and other strange occurrences last season. If it did have to do with that, then the ‘finding’ time of the 06 wouldn’t be 108 days, right? They too, would have been gone over a year from the crash day. So, why did Ben arrive in 2005 and how did he know it was 2005?

  8. kimberly, the only thing I can think of,as to why Ben had a general inclination of ‘when’ it was, is because he had information from the ‘past’ and the help of the lovely Ms. Hawking to help him arrive in the anticipated time frame.

    Ben seemed to know where to start off and how to begin his mission. That is why I think he had to have known in advance. His mission, given he set free the ’06’ was to then to attempt to even the score with old Widmore, et al., and retrieve the ’06’ back to ‘the island’.

    I am convinced Ben knows exactly what he’s doing.

  9. Hey Dabs, I don’t mind you answering my question at all. Isn’t that the fun of this site anyway?

    I like the idea that Ben knew based on some information given to him.

    That actually reminded me that in one of Charlotte’s flashbacks last season, we saw her in the desert discovering a Dharma polar bear. A desert, kind of like where Ben ended up, right?

    So if the island has been moved before by one of their trained polar bears and those remains were traced and located, then it makes sense that Ben might have an idea of where he was going. Which if he had that information, the “when” would be plausible too.

    Nice thinking there.

    And yes, Ben’s line of “Haven’t you learned that I always have a plan?” is by far one of the best – perfect ‘Ben’ delivery and a serious hint at what’s going on!

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