Telephone Booth

Back to Jacob’s identity…

Can Richard communicate with Jacob in 1954? Probably not. But he knows who Jacob is, as he reacts to Locke telling him ‘Jacob sent me’.

Jacob seems to exist in the 1954 skip of the island. This is prior to Horace arriving with Dharma or Christian Sheppard arriving on 815 (dead OR alive)… So this seems to discount theories that either of these are Jacob.

Of course time is relative… But I am favoring more and more the possibility that Jacob was on the island prior to anything we have yet seen on the show. The clue to that is the period costume on the person we see in a flash the first time Locke visits Jacob’s cabin. Either he is linked to the Black Rock or Jacob is just a name someone stuck to a powerful presence, or to the island itself.

Maybe Horace (the mathematician) calculated a specific time and place on the island where he could build an artifact that would allow mere mortals to communicate with Jacob more effectively (like a telephone booth). He built the cabin (perhaps telling his Dharma superiors that he was building a retreat where he could work in peace and quiet). Then at a specific time Jacob’s presence showed up to inhabit the cabin. While it was there Horace spread a line of (possibly volcanic) Ash to contain it and render it inert.How this would work is beyond me.

The cabin seems to be a place where people get caught (as in a net). Christian, Claire, the other mysterious presences… In Hurley’s vision we see someone in a chair in the cabin and he is startled by ANOTHER face that suddenly pops up in foreground. This is possibly a second person. Or assuming time and space do not operate the same way in the cabin or on the island, it could be the same person in two places at once or moving at the speed of light from one place to another.

These are probably old ideas to most of you…

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9 thoughts on “Telephone Booth

  1. Nice one, you’ve made me start thinking about it thats for sure. I don’t know what i think about the cabin seemingly jumping around (when hurley made it disappear in his mind or whatever) that still boggles the mind…but anyway, the phone booth idea is fun, and makes about as much sense as everything else LOL – cheers

  2. Andre7, I like it a lot! In particular your ‘telephone booth’ analogy. Very reminiscent of Dr. Who.

    I think you are onto something with the cabin. I am still of the belief Jacob is, if not being held captive there, caught in time and space somewhere.

    I couldn’t even make a guess as to why he’s being held prisoner, or by whom. Nor, for what reason.

    I think ‘The Black Rock’ holds the key to much of the mystery surrounding Jacob. I also noted when Ben (as a young boy) first meets Alpert, Alpert is wearing a ‘period’ vest, similar to the period of ‘The Black Rock’.

  3. Nicely summarised, Andre7. The ash appears to reference old superstitions about salt circles containing, controlling, and protecting against evil spirits. (Hence the smoke monster’s apparent inability to cross it.) The question is, is Jacob being protected from the monster, or is the island being protected from Jacob?

  4. i really like this theory, lots of thought, makes sense. My only gripe is christian shepard. My take is that he HAS been to the island before. And i think it will tie in some bloodline, with Claire, Arron, Jack (who i, to dismay of others, feel may be Jacob).

  5. AES, I agree on the bloodline front. I can’t shake the feeling that the family ties is in some way significant, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Christian had been to the island before, or was at least aware of it. He seems to be linked in to so many of the Losties’ lives, sort of like Widmore.

  6. what about locke’s dream with horace continually restarting building the cabin? is that a time loop reference or is that horace’s sisyphean punishment for his life’s sins.

  7. It could be either or…

    Horace Goodspeed is definately dead, yeah? Locke retrieves a map from his decaying corpse that indicates a clear location to Horace’s cabin.

    Two thoughts. First the alledged ‘moving’ of the cabin. What if the original cabin itself never moved but a doppelganger image of the cabin moves. In this way Locke, Ben and Hurley meet up with the doppelganger, but only when he follows Horace’s map does John enter the real cabin. Or better yet, once the cabin is free’d from Ben’s influence (the ash?) Horace appears in Locke’s dream to give him a location where they can meet.

    Secondly: We have seen two kinds of people in the cabin. Dead people (Christian) whose body may or may not be re-animated, and living people (supposing Claire is still alive) . The third definite aparition is the figure sitting in the chair wearing archaic clothing.

    The odd thing about Christian is that he appears not only in the cabin but elsewhere on and around the island. He sometimes touches people (baby Aaron) and sometimes refuses to touch them Locke.

    Horace does neither. He has only appeared in a dream.

    I have no conclusion to this or deep theories. Just trying to put pieces together.

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