faraday and his time machine

sorry i cannot elaborate more on this theory and not sure if this is new,although i have been looking and found nothing, so i hope i am the first with this idea. I believe Faraday is going to use Jugghead to turn the lost island into the time machine we see today. Using the energy of the bomb, EM field for containment, and a Faraday cage to protect the bomb from the EM pulses of the island. Will elaborate and answer questions in comments.

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25 thoughts on “faraday and his time machine

  1. richard seemed surprised and in disbelief when john said he was from the future. You would think the old man would know if the island in which he lived had those capabilities. And if charolette dies like i think she will, what better reason than love, would Faraday have for doing something of monsterous proportions?

  2. you can argue and say that how would they travel back in time if it didnt exist yet? Well my answer is it didnt have to. When the island was jumping, there were many structures that were there and gone through time travel.

  3. and before anyone hits me with some ‘back to the future’ hogwash, (i realllly hate the comparison, its like comparing apples and hand grenades) when Mcfly went back in the delorean, the delorean didnt exist in 1954 or whatever the hell year that was. Hope you enjoy, and ask questions and comment away.

  4. btw..i write this with a full understanding of the situation. This is my science side coming out to play for the simple reason that for the 1st time. I feel there may be a (on lost) logical reason the island has this ability. Call it wrong, or stupid, but unless anyone has a better idea, im sticking with this…until the producers shoot it out of the sky like its oceanic 815!

  5. lol AES, you just cracked me up with that last line!

    I’m with you. I just love the idea. Best I’ve heard so far. Please indulge a few questions from me.

    Can’t say I fully understand the entire ramifications of it, so help me out. How do you see this ‘time machine’ being used? And how would this play into what Widmore & Ben are fighting over? And, how does it work with Ms. Hawking’s statement. “God help us all”.

  6. well dabs, im actuallly, and dont laugh, implying is that mr Faraday father of controlling Electromagnetism,( his mom, named for of course steven hawking) is the one who plants the seed that is Jugghead, of timetravel on the island..

  7. i actually think that Faraday is the one who gave the island its ability to travel in time. Using the islands EM properties, the energy from Jugghead contained inside of a Faraday cage (for protection from the island EM pulses) and the science know how of sending a rats conceince thru time.

  8. Yep, I caught that, and I like it. The other thing which may support this, is what Daniel attempted to do with Theresa.

    Do you feel he is attempting to go back and change the outcome of what happened to her, or was she just a casualty of his experiments?

  9. Actually, it is one of the better ideas I have heard.

    Even when you think of ‘time machines’ and think this can’t happen on Lost, it actually makes so much sense to me, I can’t help but think it’s entirely plausible.

    Crazy Train for two!

  10. I have this whacked out idea. What if Widmore wanted Faraday to build this machine so he could go back in time and change the outcome between himself and Ben?

    A place where he never would have lost control to Ben.

    That’s one thought I have.

    Also, it might explain Dan’s statement about ‘not being able to change anything in the past’. A good cover, one which I believe to be a lie.

  11. We again, may be onto something here Dabs. Manipulation of one, whidmore financing Faraday, is a very manipulative move to get his island back. Hmm, do we know anyone else who is very manipulative for reasons concerning the island?

  12. Btw…what 2 better names would it be to show us how timetravel originated. Think. How does Faraday actually know that the island works the same way his machine does. The rats were a test run for the island and the others or maybe just Alpert may be his rats in a cage.

  13. I think you are definitely onto something, AES. I like this idea so much, I gave it top ratings.

    It just makes so much sense! The names, Widmore financing Faraday’s work, etc.

    I just finished reading something which basically IMO proved the time looping. A little too involved for me to get into right now, but I will post the explanation in your post tomorrow.

    I think Faraday knows how ‘the island’ works, because we saw him in the underground passing Halliwax. How many other times did Faraday show up in the past on ‘the island’?

    The other point, is I felt Dan’s interactions in the past, in some instances seemed very different from what was happening to everyone else.

    I think you caught onto something and made another connection!

    I also think he

  14. lol, Obviously I forgot to finish my sentence above. I was off on a tangent about time-looping!

    I shall throw you a little hint! We know Desmond is Faraday’s ‘constant’. What if, Desmond is more than just Faraday’s ‘constant’ in all of this.

    What if, Desmond is ‘the islands constant’. The one central requirement to maintain the loop.

    I have a nosebleed now!

  15. des definetly plays a huge role in the whole thing. He has had such a large role in the show and is so easily forgotten about, under who jacob is and what is the island. We have got to find the connection that makes this work. I like it.

  16. Okay, my mind has been racing about many things. I will write a theory when I sort through all of my thoughts.

    Aside of Desmond, (more on him later), think about the Radio Tower and Rousseau’s message ‘looping’ for 16 years. This was another huge hint thrown at us, much in the same way as the Willie Nelson record skipping on the record player.

    So, if the hint the writers threw at us about time skipping as in the ‘flashes’, then time must be looping as in Danielle’s distress message.

  17. i like the connections with time looping. Its not that i want lost to actually go that way…its just that i dont care a long as the story keeps us like this…such a good connection with the message ‘looping’ dabs!

  18. AES, I think the time looping is not as big as the actual time travelling aspects.

    I now feel I was right about some of the characters. Some seem to be aware of certain memories, and others are not. There is a reason for this.

    Desmond, is now pivotal. See why Ms. Hawking was so annoyed when Des wants to change the future by asking Penny to marry him!

    Ms. Hawking needed Desmond on ‘the island’.

    It also raises new questions surrounding Dan. If Hawking is his mother, and he is working for her and Ben, is Dan playing on team Widmore or team Mama & Ben? Or, is he pitting one against the other, so he can win in the end. Or, is it all of the above. lol

    Time for bed!

  19. redemption my friend. I think many things will revolve around this. Lose someone/something meaningful, while trying to do the greater good. Fate is a fickle bitch :]

  20. A.E.S- Thanks for sending me here…..I do find this theory very interesting and it addresses some things I have been wondering myself.

    I hope you aren’t too done with this topic…….

    If Faraday creates the time travel for the island….how will you explain the BR’s arrival?

  21. I think Black Rock is less of a pivitol plot point, then it was Widmore using it to find the island. I could be very wrong on this one, but I just dont see it being anything in regards to cause of time travel, effect most likely. Probably arrived along the same lines 815 did. Island pops up from underneath, grounding it in the middle of the island. I suspect the slaves were already dead, not really sure why, it may just make for a better story of a ruthless capitan. Im guessing it carried or contained some sort of treasure, that is more than just gold or riches.
    But, I could just be babbling, we may never hear of it again.

  22. As for the actual topic. Its so hard right now to come up with more ideas without using pure speculation. I just think it will have something to do with the time machine/blackhole, in the island.
    I have also been thinking that he originally brought the bomb there to either in Daniel’s future, which would be the original storylines past, will a) bring the bomb to create the time machine, possibly to save Carolette from it ever happening. Or b) Bring the bomb to destroy the island so she can never return.
    I was actually thinking/speculating, that he brought the bomb to the island to destroy it, but the island timetravelled to the past, taking the bomb with it, and ironically, he actually created the device he was trying to destroy, with the same bomb he planned on using for the destruction.
    Sorry, storytelling again.

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