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8 thoughts on “Why_the_Universe_is_in_danger

  1. Snowy, I like your thoughts. But I don’t see this as a paradox because they’re still going to be born even if their older selves died in the past.

    It would be interesting to see if someone died who was supposed to something in the future – that would cause some kind of paradox.

    Regarding the format of this post, is there a reason you’ve used underscores as spaces? Just wondering if there was an issue with the site I’m not aware of, and if there is I can take a look and fix it. Thanks.

  2. Yup I’m with emzi.

    Although the issue with someone dying in the past while still having work to do – I don’t think that’s possible.

    A lot of the survivors have had incredibly lucky escapes, and then gone on to do important work (think Charlie’s close shaves, followed by his Good Vibrations signal unjamming or Michael’s failed suicide attempts followed by his freighter party). Whether coincidence or fate, they survive to serve their purposes.

    I’m ‘sure’ the same rules would apply to anyone else who is yet to do something important.

  3. Sorry_about_the_underscoring…spacebar_broken!_I_take

  4. So_far,all_deaths_have_been_in_linear_time(ie_people_died

  5. I just don’t think it would be at all possible for the parents of an unborn child that we know will exist to be killed. Something would happen to prevent it.

    But then I’m only trusting what Faraday said to Sawyer in the season premiere because it’s the version of time travel and paradoxes that I like the best. I just think it makes the most sense.

    The way I see it, if a paradox were to occur and destroy the universe, how could our universe exist? The time traveler would be stopped by God (for those of faith) or by coincidence (for those of science). The alternative is that the universe either stops existing EVER, or that the universe stops existing from the point that the paradox occurs – which would mean that the time traveler would have to travel back from a universe that no longer exists in order to commit the time crime.

  6. Ah ok Snowy, no probs! 🙂

    Re: The Butterfly Effect (which is one of my fave films!) – I read a theory somewhere that perhaps what is happening to Charlotte is the effect of something changing in the past that prevents her from ever being born, so the universe is course correcting and killing her off.

    The only problem is, if you really can’t change the past then whatever Daniel and co. are doing in the past already happened. I think.

  7. Everyone dying off in the past wouldn’t seem to cause too much of a problem in the time lines since they would still be born later. Plus if people can’t die in the past where do we get Adam and Eve from?

    On another note about the people on the island dying: at this point how many are still alive? At this rate the people Jack ‘has to go back’ to save will be less than the 6 already off the island…

  8. Hey Snowy, very interesting subject matter! Glad you posted it, as it got me thinking.

    I can see why there might be an inclination to feel a paradox is present.

    One hint it might not be a parodox, is when the flashes happen, they appear to end quickly before a death can occur. (with ‘the losties that is). At least for the time being.

    I think I might have an idea as to why. More on that later.

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