What’s Happening to Charlotte

I’m probably just restating the obvious here or someone else has mentioned it but on the off chance that I’m not here’s my theory:

Daniel seems to recognize the symptoms that Charlotte is displaying and we the viewers should too. Charlotte is experiencing the same problems that we saw in

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3 thoughts on “What’s Happening to Charlotte

  1. Hi Warp, Check out the Fun Section on the site. I wrote a little something on this subject. It’s titled, ‘The Disease-Temporal Displacement’.

  2. Ok… I am new to the site but I have a question/observation of Charlotte in the last episode. When we left “Jughead” Charlotte was in extremely bad health and near death because of the time warp. As we saw in “The Little Prince” we saw that she was in the same situation, evn being unconscious for over 10 minutes, but recovered. It was under my assumption that if Charlotte went through another time warp that this would certainly kill her. But as we saw in this most recent episode, she went through 2 more time warps and it appears that nothing happened to her. What is the deal with that?

  3. I have a question about charlotte, does anyone have a clue when charlotte could have been on the island…
    we are all sure that she has been and worked for dharma – remember how her eyes were shining when she saw the bones of the bear that had a dharma collar- but when and how come….
    was she born on he island?? then who are the parents??

    apparently she is the one who has been on the island the most, since she is the one firstly affected by the disease … but how cooome???

    help me out here someone, I’m really desperate for some theories

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