Well… I think LOST is the story of a big temporal loop that will last for eternity. We will find out that the survivors of the crash (and all the people that came in the island) are actually the parents or grand parente of the OTHERS. So years later when they have kids (yes kids, because we know Others can’t have kids but nothing is said about the flight survivors, I think the kids issue is not because of the island but because of time – during the series we are made to believe “the island wants”, “the island wont let”

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8 thoughts on “The BIG loop!! (WILL BE UPDATED)

  1. RichardAlpert, This is an outstanding post about ‘time loops’!

    I am just starting to embrace this notion and have some ideas of my own.

    It does seem like Alpert stand alone, with respect to ‘the others’, although I’m not certain why. You could be right. He seems unaffected by ‘time’ in much the same way Desmond does.

    What you say about the children makes sense, but we still have a children named Aaron, and Ji-eon (sp)?

    Given the nature of the relationship between Desmond and Charlie, it’s logical he could have simply named his son Charlie out of respect.

    Very enjoyable post!

  2. i really like your thoughts here. The only thing is, didnt dan change things by going back and actually talking to des. My take is, you cant change things in the ‘real world’ but on the island it allows change, alterations,and redemption.

  3. Hey AES, I came along information to substantiate the reasons WHY ‘the island’ allows change, alteration and redemption. It’s not ready to post.

  4. I like your theory AES. I don’t think baby Charlie is ‘our’ Charlie because we’ve seen Charlie’s parents in previous episodes, oh and our Charlie has an older brother…

    I also want to pick up your comments about children on the island. I agree that time is responsible for the lack of babies born on the island and maybe that is because the mothers bodies can’t cope with the effects of the time loop. It must be pretty hard to grow a baby when your body isn’t fixed to one point in time.

    I like your work. Gah I can feel myself getting sucked in all over again.

  5. Thankyou for your comments! This is only the tipo of the Ice berg I have more (and it sure explains much of the things you are not sure but I can’t post them because there’s not a solid base in the theory xD) I have something to say regarding Charlie’s parents, and Desmond being special or not 😛 but I’m gonna do it on another topic since I can’t UPDATE this one!

    Se you soon,

    The Man Behind The Man

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