Penny’s Mom

Do we know who

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7 thoughts on “Penny’s Mom

  1. my guess is we know who she is…just not who she is..if that makes any sense. Really with time travel involved and widmore on the island, it could be anyone..even a present day time traveling lostie…or mrs hawking (theory on whidmore being faradays father) …or..well you get it

  2. I’m predicting Ms. Hawking. I think the producers ignored the subject of Penny’s mom long enough to always keep that one in case the crowd gets interested. TO me though, it’d be great if it was Annie. And the reason Ben and widmore hate each other is because Widmore stole his girl….really though, I have no clue, but it will be interesting to see who the writers throw in as her mother.

  3. I’m gonna take a not so wild guess that the blonde curly haired gal who took Faraday to the bomb is both his mother, aka Ms Hawking. Its clear Faraday recognized her, plus Ms. Hawking and the blonde look somewhat similar- curly hair if nothing else. She’d also be about the right age. Who knows, maybe she is Penny’s mom, too.

  4. Interesting, biven the age difference between them and the fact that Widmore would be a hostile while Ben is a Dharma lackey I find the theory somewhat disturbing…

  5. I like the idea of Annie and Ben being Penny’s parents. If she was stolen from him by Widmore, and the women on the island stopped being able to have babies, it would give Ben the motivation for stealing Alex from Rousseau. The only problem is that Ben told Widmore when he breaks into his house that he was going to kill his daughter for revenge.

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