Another Note from Admin

Firstly, I’ll repeat what I said in this post:

“The second thing is, as I am in the UK I will have to wait until Sunday to see the first 2 episodes. That means I will have to avoid the site until Sunday evening to avoid any theories based on these episodes. This will happen on a weekly basis until the season has finished. Everyone is friendly here and I’m pretty sure it will stay that way, but if there are any problems on the days I can’t be around please do email me at”

Something has come to my attention about the use of Spoilers, or at least the Policy of Spoilers.

I don’t know the exact issue here because I have avoided this site since yesterday but a member isn’t happy with someone posting a theory after the episode aired in the US, because they haven’t seen the episode yet and so consider it a spoiler.

I must say, that this site is for users all around the world. I don’t expect people to not post any theories until everyone has seen the episode. That would defeat the point of the site.

If you don’t live in the US then it might be in your best interest to avoid the site until you have seen the episode. You’re aware that people will be discussing it so you come to this site at you’re own risk.

If this isn’t viable please comment here or email me at

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3 thoughts on “Another Note from Admin

  1. thank you emzi. I, at least and assume others, are not trying to cause trouble. All we want is to gab about lost. My appreciation to you for the leniancy and understanding of the situation.

  2. totally agree.
    i live in the uk to so i try to avoid the site to but i cant.
    we come here to try and work out the lost meanings and messages not to start trouble.

  3. i cant make heads nor tails of these random coments anyway emzi. I’m in the uk and i won’t see any of the 5th season till around november.have you seen the latest episode.omg you should have seen what thingy did with the whatsit, and all the fire and explosions n stuff………..myky

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