Jin travels Solo

So I am interested in any theories as to why Jin traveled with the island but not with Juliet and Sawyer. Also…didn’t Locke travel differently at first as he was in the pouring rain but Juliet and sawyer were not…yet he caught up with them

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  1. The Locke thing bothers me more. Jin, may have moved differently because of how far away he was. Signifigantly further away than Dan and his cronies. But Locke was on island. Could it be do to how close in proximity he was compared to the other leftover losties?

  2. just like the island. the island travels in time, yet nothing other than our losties moves with it. one time is pre-crash, the next is post crash, the next is “what the hell happened to our camp, lets steal someones rowboat”, post crash.
    Why does the islands time move, its physical properties move, its leftover others…well, stay put. Does this make any sense as a logical question, or am i babbling again.

  3. i thought Locke was with the Others, who moved, which contradicts my last statement, but..see this is why I didnt want to post it. Its such a GREAT topic, with so little to go on right now. But i cant wait, i need an answer. There has to be something to go on right now.

  4. oh I almost forgot…..where the heck is Rose and Bernard… what time are they in? Obviously we don’t know this yet but I just had to say it.

    …and again why are they traveling separate?

  5. I’m going to throw this out because you just made a salient point about Rose & Bernard.

    Recall our discussion AES about 4th dimensional time space? I use the cube as an example. I spoke about it being all about perception and vantage point.

    Think of ‘the island’ from this perspective when it comes to all of the time things.

    We see Sawyer watching Kate deliver Claire’s baby. At the same time, we see Locke witness the sky lighting up when he uncovers the Swan. Yet, we know Claire and Kate are NOT on ‘the island’.

    If my understanding is correct, the island is a place where all time is happening simultaneously. But depending where you are and whom you are with is what creates YOUR experience.

    Wherever Rose & Bernard are they are likely experiencing something different.

    Did you ever notice that our ‘losties’ always seemed to be off in different directions during the past 4 seasons?

    Now, it should make sense. So, should ‘the whispers’. The whispers, ARE themselves from their different vantage points.

    We know ‘the others’ are on ‘the island’, yet they are not present in this sequence of events. But, they haven’t gone anywhere.

    In order to make sense of it all, you have to look at it from this perspective.

    I hope it helps, and I have to let you know, that even my own understanding of 4th dimensional space time is very limited. I’m just learning, so I hope I did a good job of a cursory explanation.

  6. Dabs,

    I am agreeing with you on the perception thing. I like that. In fact, it reminds me quite a bit of some theories by the philosopher David Hume about space and time based on experience. Yeah, that’s a topic I have been pondering and would love to discuss.

    Anyway, about Jin. Wasn’t the scene of Sawyer watching Kate/Claire the second to last “time” we saw the island Losties (S-J-L-M-D-C)? Then they discovered the “Ajira” camp, went out on the outrigger, were shooting at people and as Sawyer yelled out, then they ‘jumped’ or moved again in time?

    So therefore, is it definite that the “S-J-L-M-D-C” group is in a different time than Jin? I thought that with the last move through time, that they perhaps ended in 1988, when Danielle’s boat washes up along with Jin.

    Sorry, this has been nagging at me with this conversation. Perhaps I should watch the episode again before I comment. 😉

  7. Oh, one last thing. I was under the impression they all are at different locations on the island, similar to Locke being in the forest alone and then catching up to Sawyer and Juliet. I didn’t think that he was in a different time altogether. I thought we were seeing his experiences while they “moved” like we were able to see Daniel and Sawyer at the Swan talking about if Desmond was inside.

  8. I thought the whole idea was as simple as:

    The entire island moves as one unit to the same point in time. So when the whole 1954 bomb incident was occuring, I believe that Jin was also slowly floating to the island in 1954. And so on and so forth.

    People never change WHERE they are on the island, just WHEN they are on the island, so Jin is by himself, because at the time of the first flash, he was indeed by himself.

    So I think regardless of the time he is in, if he walks to the point where Sawyer and co. are, he will see them and reunite with them.

    I don’t know why it needs to be more complicated than that.

  9. CAPPAYNE, 2 problems with that. 1)danielle is there, so he cannot be in 1954, and 2)if he is in a different time, would he not be like a whisper. you are assuming that if Kate saw Sawyer, she could see him, no?
    or is it just because theyre in the same technical timeline?

  10. AES, I didn’t read Cappayne’s comment that Jin is in 1954…I understood it to be that when the group was in 1954, Jin was floating in the water, in the same time, just yet to reach the shore as he finally does in 1988, the last jump that we all saw. But Jin has been moving with all of the jumps in time, just like the group of Sawyer, Juliet, etc.

    He just now appears to us (the viewers) with this last jump…they had to keep the suspense going for a few episodes.

    That’s how I have interpreted what is happening, as well as Cap’s comment.

  11. Yes kimberly said what I meant, I used the 1954 as an example. Of course Jin lands on the island with the boat in 1988, and I think that the rest of the losties are elsewhere on the island in 1988 at the end of the episode as well.

    As for if Kate would be able to see Sawyer or not… That is a very good question. My only problem with the whole whisper thing is that the whispers only seem to come in mysterious times, like when Shannon chases (I think Vincent) into the forest, loses him, becomes scared, and then hears whispers.

    Why wouldn’t Walt, Locke and co. who was at the scene where Locke was teaching Walt how to throw a knife (random chosen scene with no tenseness) have them hearing whispers?

    I always thought the whispers were the Others talking in Latin, as we recently learned that they can (all) speak Latin… guess I’m wrong.

  12. my misunderstanding, sorry about that. I actually thought about the logic behind when the whispers appear. Here is another task Im too lazy to do. Can we find a good whispers scenario on the date that Locke saw the hatch light? could be insightful on this whole whispers hoolah

  13. I’m with Cappayne. Plus, there’s nothing to say that the Losties didn’t go to 1988 before they went to 1954 (from their point of view). I think there was a flash or two while they were in the jungle trying to figure the whole thing out with no landmarks to go by. So Jin could be on his way to Faraday’s party right now, and the French trip could be a flashback – similar to how we view Jack and Kate’s individual experiences during the Swan break-in over two seperate episodes at the start of Season 2.

  14. I like that thought Mac.

    When Locke and co. arrived on the other side of the island they discovered wreckage and a box with a French word on it.

    Then later, it showed Rousseau and co. crashing on the island and discovering Jin. This probably happened before the survivors discovered the wreckage but only a couple of hours before.

    I like the idea that next episode we will see what happened to Jin when Rousseau discovered him and it will probably lead up to Locke and co. discovering the wreckage.

    Much like the episode where Shannon got shot. We didn’t know who had shot her until the next episode when we saw it from The Tailies point of view.

    Sorry if I stepped on your point there Mac 🙂

  15. No foul there Emzi! I really liked that vantage point style of storytelling in Season 2. I didn’t see the first season until after the second aired on Channel 4, and the technique is what initially drew me in. It made me really want to rewatch episodes to see how it all fell into place in hindsight.

    Did anyone else wish that they hadn’t put the captions at the bottom of the screen in The Other 48 Days?

  16. I completely forgot about the box with the french writing on it……………so yes now I too would believe they are traveling in the same time I just couldn’t connect how Juliet and sawyer were also in the same time as Jin….so now that we know the time….who do you think is shooting at them?

    Or is it a flashback like you said and Juliet and Sawyer are not actually in the same time as rouseau right now…but are together with Jin real time ..whatever that his…hehe…..Oh I confuse myself.

  17. When they were getting shot at in the canoe it was before the flash that led them into 1988. So whoever was shooting at them was in another time completely, given the Ajira water bottle, probably post 2004.

  18. It really did seem like locke was in a different time though as it was dark and raining and daylight where sawyer and juliet were……Are you saying this was a flashback also? Help me understand these two different conditions if you think they are in the same time?

  19. When the first flash happened in the first episode, we saw Juliet and Sawyer on the beach, and Locke was in the jungle. Because it was raining where Locke was it appeared dark and looked like he was at a different time to those at the beach. However, when he went for a wander it appeared to be daylight (when he saw the nigerian plane crash and came accross Ethan).

    I think the rain was to signify a change in when he was, something for us viewers to take note of.

    He definately was in the same time as Juliet and Sawyer though.

  20. I haven’t read all the ideas yet so forgive me if I repeat something. I hoep I don’t 🙂

    I think Jin WAS moving through time the same as the other Losties but as he was stuck at sea he wouldn’t have realised what was happening to him. All he would have seen was flash after flash – that’s if he was even conscious.

    Off to read and see if anyone else agrees now…

  21. Lostfan to explain John Locke and the rain and it not raining where Sawyer is. I have been on vacation on some islands and have experienced this first hand, it can easily rain in one part of the island and not the other. Or when the island disappeared in the water what fell on John was the water from the transfer. example if you drop a quarter into a sink full of water in the middle (where the quarter dropped) a droplet of water would shoot up and then back down, not on the edges of the quarter. John was in the middle of the island, Sawyer was on the beach (the edge)

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