Locke Stops the Island from looping

So who thinks Locke pushes the wheel back into position and dies in the desert?

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3 thoughts on “Locke Stops the Island from looping

  1. I do not. It is pretty apparent that Locke gets off the island by other means and then helps convince the O6 to go back. Otherwise how and why would the (dead) body end up in the coffin in Los Angeles? Locke has no ID on him, is in the middle of the Tunisian desert (we can only assume), and has no family to identify him.

    I think I recall that the autopsy report on Jeremy Bentham (Locke) rules the death as suicide.

  2. agreed capayne, my thoughts exactly, also, why would he just die? When LOcke kicks the bucket, Im guessing it is going to be one of the most dramatic scenes ever on Lost. And for some reason, I just dont think he is going to be alone. I for some reason picture a reappearance of Mr Abbadon. No spoilers, no nothing, I just think he will have a hand in Lockes destiny at least one more time.

  3. Maybe Locke does move the wheel, but he isn’t going to die from doing so. Ben didn’t, so why would he?

    And as Cappayne said, Locke visited the O6 as Bentham and tried to convince them to go back.

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