Bearer of the crown

Well, I just wrote out a theor for about 25 minutes, my computer downloaded an update and restarted, so your getting the short version now. Feel free to ask questions although it is debatable after reading if it belongs in the Fun or Theories category. Here goes..
I wrote a theory including this before, that led me into this one and by rereading the original (lost theories LT site long ago) led me to something bigger I think.
Some quick footnotes:
1) Benjamin Linus can travel through time. Maybe, once maybe more who knows.
2) Benjamin Linus looks very much like Thomas, Claires ex, Arrons Father. ( I know and i dont think Thomas is Bens son….this is much worse)
3) We know Aaron was seperated from Claire, Claire being still on island.
4) The title of the previous episode was called “the little prince”. I know literary referances, yadda yadda, I think it is more than that. I think maybe the producers are pulling the old “Frozen Donkey Wheel” gag on us again, and Aaron is, in a way a prince. But what on Lost, could that reference, that deserves such an title, ah yes king of the others, or leader at least. So maybe in my mind, and hopefully you’ll at least think about it, Ben went back in time, changed identities, and helped Claire out with the conceiving of Arron. Of course after a needed period of adjustment, under an alias, think fake passports. We know Ben knows how to time travel, or how else would he know wht year it was when he landed in the sahara. And he has the patients of an immortal being, not saying he is one.
I know, theres room for a lot of hot air in this theory, allow me to fill in at least some of that with fact. Under what circumstances would a person be lagally allowed to go after another and say that their child is not theirs. Ah yes, a grandmother. I was so excited. I called it from a mile away. The way she talked to Jack at that funeral, a mothers (or grandmothers intiuition in this case). HA, I nailed it! BUZZ! wrong, i was so off. She had no idea. She didnt even know who Aaron was. Lying maybe, but a hell of a liar and a weak ass storyline if thats the case.
Now, who was it that was actually behind this…? Ah yes, the biggest trickster, Mr Linus. Yes, the lawyer could have been an actor, or just one of Bens men, but again, I think thats too thin for Lost.
So again, how would one be legally able to do such a thing, at what explanation? What if she didnt run, what if they would have caught Aaron and tested his blood with Kates, we know the answer. But what if they tested it with Bens, would it match, could it? Does this even have a shot at being true, or am I just storytelling again. I guess will see what the princes role is and his origin, or maybe there is no prince. Maybe it was someone else. Maybe..

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

15 thoughts on “Bearer of the crown

  1. A few things:

    With the time travelling the travellers don’t seem to age, they just go to a different time frame (think Alpert). Thomas seems waayy ayy ayy too young, even with a Ben-disguise.

    So assuming Ben could override this issue. How could Claire not (and how HAS she not) looked into the fact that Thomas (who she had last seen probably 8-9 months earlier; not that long) looks so much like Ben?

    On a side note, I think it would be interesting if a blood test IS taken and Kate ends up being related to Aaron, but not as his mother. Seeing as there are so many dramatically-ironic inter-character relations (Jack and Claire being the biggest one), it would not surprise me if Kate was in fact somehow related to Aaron.

  2. Oh my word. We’ve had the Sawyer = Han Solo references. Could Jack = Luke and Kate = Leia? Please tell me he only kissed her.

    I like your thinking Cap. That would be one hell of a twist.

    I’m not so hot on genetics, but wouldn’t a match be a match? Are they as specific as ‘You’re his mother’, or would a simple ‘Yes, you’re related’ suffice? This would mean that the world may believe on scientific ‘proof’ that Aaron is in fact Kate’s son.

  3. Good thoughts as usual, AES!

    I happen to agree about Kate. When I saw the clip of Jack telling Kate she wasn’t even related, I thought wait a minute, hang on.

    I saw that as a major opportunity for the writers to set us up, for a big twist!

    I believe we are going to find out eventually that ‘the losties’ are connected in more ways than one! In a familial way. A ‘tree’ of sorts. Think, the book ‘The Little Prince”.

  4. AES you were right to post this under FUN. Ben goes back in time and pulls a Casanova on CLAIRE? Yuk! I would like to think she has more taste than THAT!

    But okay I have to draw the line somewhere…

    The actor who plays Thomas was Cast almost two years before Michael Emerson came along and the producers have clearly stated that Emerson was cast originally for a couple of episodes only as Henry Gale. They liked him sufficiently that they re-wrote season three and expanded his role as Ben Linus.

    This does not suggest to me that they has the Ben-Thomas thing in mind when they cast Emerson…

    But I love how far your thinking stretches AES

    (isn’t that an anagram for SEA?) And Lost is set on a deserted island in the middle of a SEA! And Ben is on that island, so maybe you- 🙂

  5. Off topic—- does anyone see any importance to Sun’s baby? It seems like it is the only good thing that has come from the o6 leaving the island … it probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. She might even be the only child conceived on the island…..

  6. Yes, I am suggesting that Ben could be Thomas, yes I am aware that it is way past the line of not making sense. Yes I am aware the producers said that. I am also aware they said there was no time travel on Lost, among other things. And most importantly, even though this is in FUN, I still believe more that he is Thomas than not. It was about 55%/45% before last weeks run. Now Im about 70/30….And yes, there are more reasons to say he is not, than he is, but based on the actual show, not podcasts or spoilers, there is more pointing at least me to Ben/Thomas connection, than there is proving, at least at this point that he is not.

  7. Just domt see it being any less possible than Thomas being Bens son. But yes, it is in the fun section for any of the reasons you think it does not work. I have put this on 3 sites and for some reason, theories of Thomas being Bens son is for some reason accepted, even if it is considered wrong. But I say this and it is pretty much classified as hogwash. I just dont get it. Like I said, I posted in fun for this reason, but out of curiosity, why is the father/son tandem more accepted?

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