The 3 Charlies

This would be an interesting twist to it all.

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8 thoughts on “The 3 Charlies

  1. I have also thought of this……it makes me dizzy though!

    I’m thinking desmond named the baby Charlie to pay tribute to his friend that died.

    But I have wondered if charlie from the island was Desmonds son and that is why Desmond had a strong connection with him from the beginning and why he saved his life so many times…..

    hmmmm….no can’t be…

    back to the tribute.

  2. Possible. He could be adopted. This is going to sound like I’m stereotyping massively, but Charlie’s parents don’t seem all that well off – at least not well off enough to buy one of their kids a piano. Maybe he was adopted on the grounds that he’ll one day be the saviour figure. His parent’s buy the piano to help him realise his destiny (‘Save us, Charlie’). If Desmond has to return to the island (and I have a hunch he will) could he persuade Penny to give up their only child for ‘the greater good’?

    I’d say it really depends on what’s at stake.

    The more I think about it, the more young Charlie Hume looks like a young Charlie Pace.

  3. What a fab idea. I love it. I think there must be a significance in the fact we now have three people with the same name – four if you count young Charles Widmore and present day Charles Widmore as different entities…

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