Lost and Oasis?

Just wanted to through out there that both fictional Driveshaft (Charlie’s Band) and the real band Oasis are both based in England. Both bands contain brothers, and the lead singer of both bands is one of the brothers and is named Liam. Not sure if this is just coincidental, or maybe an Oasis song has a reference or not.

So ultimately, maybe the producers just like Oasis? Or could there be more?

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9 thoughts on “Lost and Oasis?

  1. Just wanted to add I looked up Oasis (as in the land area, not the band), and the definition is an isolated area… that provides habitat to animals and even humans if large enough.

    So could the island be considered one? Also, it listed notable Oases, and one happens to be in Tunisia, where Ben lands after moving the island. The area he lands seems to be an Oasis of sorts as well, as deserts can be Oases.

    Cool coincidence.

  2. Quick add to this: the relationship between the two brothers runs parallel in a way. Liam in both cases is generally considered the monkey to Charlie/Noel’s organ grinder.

    Maybe if DriveShaft ever got to recording their 4th album it would have been terrible..

  3. Mac- haha, very interesting and funny addition. I only know Oasis’ music, not much about the personal stuff, so I am unable to make any more connections. Interesting that there are more though!

  4. I take the song regarding “saving me/someone” is not coincidental either, since if not for Charlie, the O6 wouldnt have got off the island..whew..its a good thing they did, other wise bad things might have…way to go Charlie

  5. good connection AES! I just remembered that Charlie (in a flashback) was singing Wonderwall on the street! I will look more into the song on some possible connections.

  6. Wow. Just looked on lostpedia (brilliant site) and theres a whole page on Oasis/Driveshaft references; including the ones I mentioned, but also more; like that in the beginning of both bands careers, they were big drug users, “You All Everybody”‘s tune sounds like Oasis’ “Rock And Roll Star”, and even more.

    Some lyrics of the song:

    “By now you should’ve somehow
    Realized what you gotta do”
    – Charlie “had to” sacrifice himself to get everyone home

    “Because maybe
    You’re gonna be the one who saves me ?
    And after all
    You’re my wonderwall”
    – Charlie was possibly the one who saved the hope of the survivors and ultimately got them off the island. Of course had he not done what he had done, maybe they would have been saved anyway, so the “maybe you’ll save me”

  7. i for unexplainable reasons know that song very well. It was one of those things that clicked when things started coming together in season3. I actually thought when I first heard him sing it, Des was going to save him in the end. I wasnt a huge Charlie fan, but was shocked by his death.

  8. I too thought that when Charlie was singing this it was meant that Desmond was going to save him.

    “Maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me…”

    And Desmond did for a while, but eventually let course correction take control.

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