The “Patriarch”

It will be discovered that Jacob is actually the progenitor of many of the main characters. The producers have stated that Jacob was given his name for a reason. In the Bible, Jacob is best known as a patriarch of the 12 tribes of Israel. It will be discovered that some of the other castaway parents were also descended from Jacob as well. There could be a significance to the number 12. He could be the patriarch of 12 different characters that we have either met or will meet from the Island:

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15 thoughts on “The “Patriarch”

  1. I like the idea of Jacob being the patriarch….it will be interesting to see of the number 12….i’m sure we can easily come up with the 12 candidates!!

  2. I love it!

    I think that illegitimate Jin Kwon is a more likely candidate than Sun Paik however… His own adoptive father claims not to have been sure of their biology.

    Factor in that Kate’s non-biological dad (Sam Austin) served in South Korea at about the right time to have conceived Jin and you get another interesting link to explore…

    I always though the Dharma Initiative looked kind of Stepford-like…

    Maybe old Alvar Hanso was all into fertility rituals at the Temple…

    Kama Sutra babies all !

    Sorry… You brought up a fascinating theory there.

  3. i like this…i like it a lot. Not to be to trusting of the producers, but they did say we have seen jacob, but not heard him speak correct. I really dont know what to believe when they say things, but assume it is true. Are we going to actually be shocked to see Jacob as a character we all know, or is he going to be an unknown?

  4. rlsundberg, I also like your theory.

    AES, we have heard Jacob say to John Locke, “Help Me”.

    I don’t know if we will ever see Jacob as a character.

  5. Im not going to lie. If we dont find out what the incident was, or what smokey is, or why some have powers, so be it I can live with it. I dont expect a true answer to the science VS faith riddle, but if we dont find out who Jacob is, I will be truly dissapointed in the story. that is something I think has to be shown. And if he is the wizard as in Oz, I can even settle for that. But dont make him exist and not show him, thats torture!

  6. Just thought of something. You said in “limitations” about people being spread all over the world. Wouldnt it make MORE sense for that to be. Spreading his…love everywhere to ensure more of ‘his people’ around the globe?

  7. Keeping with the 12 tribes bit…they are eventually scattered throughout the entire globe. Christian tradition says they will be reunited in preparation for the return of Christ. Could be these 12 are to be gathered to the island?

    Interesting comment, especially given we know the show’s use of the Bible.

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