The Four Toed Statue

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17 thoughts on “The Four Toed Statue

  1. I need an actual link to this picture before further comment. I have not seenor heard of this anywhere and I need more info and proof. If its real, great catch.

  2. I have never watched Battlestar galactica…..but have been considering it for purchase based on reviews….so my question is …..How good is it? Is it addictive? I realize nothing will compare to lost…but give it a try….

  3. Battlestar is almost as good as Lost, it’s definetely the 2nd best show on television.
    I think there may be something to the 4 toed statue theory,Daniel has been to the in the 50’s and the 70’s and the present, so it’s probably a save bet to say he has a huge part in island history.

  4. Nice catch!

    Quick question though, who produced the picture? It’s obvious it was photoshoped, my question is if we can consider it canon, or if some random fan did it without any knowledge of the series’ destination?

  5. yeh i posted this before, sorry I didnt realise you had already done so. Anyway, its an amazing theory and could quite possibly be true. I bet the Producers are terrified we are uncovering their plans!

  6. There are green leaves where his foot should be. A black shoe wouldn’t blend in. It’s obviously cropped out but I’m convinced they do these things to steer us in crazy different directions. Not sure it has meaning anymore. Not sure of anything anymore… They promised answers this season and they’re just adding to the pile. soon enough I guess

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