How is Locke going to be resurrected when he returns…..

Given that John Locke is presently in a coffin/bodybag, I was wondering how the first scene of him on ‘the island’ might look like. Will he suddenly sit up? Will he be alive or dead? Or will we see him in a time flash where he is alive?

As much as this is a serious thought, I am fully appreciative of the humourous reaction it might bring, so feel free to respond in any way you see fit.

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11 thoughts on “How is Locke going to be resurrected when he returns…..

  1. Maybe as long as the body is in a semi intact, meaning could still function or not decayed yet, state, One can still use concience time travel as a way of moving through time. Only when this happens, you are actually outside the rules of time and space, cannot directly interfere with anyone doing things a certain way or how it is supposed to be done. But can still be well, whatever the hell Christian is. Hmm, kind of sounds like another character we recently discussed, who follows the same guidelines.

  2. AES, that does make sense to me. I know the writers are smarter than to pull off something tactless, yet I couldn’t get these strange visions out of my head!

    You nailed it, I think. Same as Christian.

  3. AES, what an interesting take on Ben…I am assuming you are referencing Ben from you previous thoughts about his limitations.

    So are you toying with the idea that Ben is dead? “Island dead” maybe is what we should call it?

  4. I find it interesting the title of the next episode on Lost is 316. The quote below should make one think!

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  5. My little theory says that some sort of reincarnation has taken place between Locke and Ben. I think it is not Ben who is trying to get everybody back to the island. It is really Locke. In Ben’s body I suppose.

    So when they get back to the island he will probably somehow jump back to his old body.

  6. they wont kill of jhon locke because if we are honest hes a key part, knowin that the thing that intrested me is how did he die or is he dead either way im sure we will find out soon enuf

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