Lost is now a strictly Science Fiction show.

I understand many viewers, namely the hardcore section, are becoming increasingly disilusioned with the current direction the show is taking. I understand furthermore that this is due to the show starting to discredit the ‘mystical’ or ‘paranormal’ aspects and replacing these with sci-fi based notions. However, I think this makes the show even more appealing and, ironically, MORE ‘mystical’, as simply saying things like, for example, the whispers are ghosts, or something similar, is, in my opinion a much easier and less intriguing way of an explanation than something to do with time paradox complications, remnants of previous ‘times’ etc. On the other hand, they wont want to over complicate it as that would alienate the section of the audience who dont want to think too much. So, I am intrigued as to what they will do regarding these time issues without having to require the reader to open New Scientist magazine every time they finish watching the show.

So, in my opinion EVERYTHING is to do with time now. In Season 3, in Through the Looking Glass, Ben says to Jack “History is repeating itself” and I think he is being quite literal here.

I’ve read the ‘anti-time’ theories and unfortunatley, to me anyway, they dont really explain half as much as the time theories. It seems to me that the posts written that are anti-time are written by fans desperate for it not to become a sci-fi show, and are not actually solving any of the mysteries – which the time theories do so well – especially when discussing things like Walt telling Lock he has work to do etc when he appears to him on top of the ditch in Season 3.

Anyway, I read all the posts no matter what angle they come from, so please dont take offence if you are in the ‘non-time’ camp.

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22 year old First Year at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.

19 thoughts on “Lost is now a strictly Science Fiction show.

  1. I agree with what you are saying. I, actually began to truly love Lost due to the Literary aspect. I really understood the connections and whatnot in the books with the show.
    I loved that it gave light to the true mysteries of other pieces of Lit. and couldnt believe the ideas they came up with to connect some things.
    When all the bible talk came about, I was one of the ones to quickly try to connect the religious relationships the characters names had with their counterparts in history. It was amazing how everything made so much sense, only to have the rug of time pulled out from under us. I called time travel long befor the cutain was pulled, and was still amazed to see the ‘island move’.
    I think that the time travel is and always was the intention of the writers and was merely a ruse to throw us off teh scent with all the reliogion and character names. I mean if the show was created and never used those names, it would only be a matter of time before people would go all in on time travel.
    I do think, on a side note, that the religious aspects are going to be forgotten. I doubt we will find real ghosts, like the scary ones we know, on island. But I think they will brigde the gap between the science/religious fiction that has become such a large debate on the show. I would be happy to see one completely explained by the other, and Im not picky, give me a good story and I’ll still spend an hour a week watching away. But I dont think they will do it, for one, forgetting about one, would in turn, forget about the fans who believe in that side. But more, I dont think they will do it because they are just smart enough to know that by desroying the credibility of religion on Lost, would take some of that WOW factor away in certain situations.
    Watching Lost, I definetly have to say I am a man of science, for there has to be an explanation for everything, right?
    But even I cannot lie, who doesnt want to see john Locke, break through the hold of the space time continuom, to do something that he was destined to do. Or Jacob be explained as someone who did beat time, only to outlive his body in a spiritual sense, going against everything that science has ever told us.
    Its a place where miracles happen, where anything can happen, so the producers said long ago. I think there will be at least one or two miracles that will go unexplained by science, or even our general science fiction for that matter. I think some things, even if just one, is going to have to be believed by the religious skeptics watching, myself included, to be something of the impossible, something…special.

  2. good reply AES, i always find your posts and comments to be of a very high and interesting calibre! i am a keen reader but not that clued-up on religion, but i know john locke was a famous philosopher and other names such as richard alpert have real-life counterparts so… yeh, i agree with everything you said to be honest!

  3. Yep, everything AES said!

    The writers have stated the end of Lost will cause viewers to decide what likes on the side of science and faith.

    We have seen the side of faith on the show, and now we are seeing more of the science.

    Everything comes down to the age old argument, is it science or is it faith?

    For viewers which see it as faith that is how they will always see it, and for those who only subscribe to the sense and proof of the science of things, that is how they will see things.

    Hopefully, the show makes us all question and challenge our current belief system that it makes us all see a little more of both! That the realm of possibilities are endless.

  4. A.E.S Great take.

    Here is my opinion. The science aspect of the show will be explained in away that will be completely satisfying to all sci-fi communities.

    And the faith side will be left to s Believers
    to keep on.

  5. Being openminded seems to be the key to both being on Lost and watching Lost. Its as if they want us/them to believe something whole hearted, and then take what you believe in…what you know to be true, and tell you that its not. And as you/they begin to accuse and prosecute, the defense hits you with a surprise witness, or piece of evidence that holds so much ground that it HAS to be true, and then the question “doent it?”
    Something you believe or know, is given to you on a platter, then turned into the opposite right in front of you. Something your whole life.
    Whether the complex such as there is no time travel or miracles cannot happen. To the simple such as “my father doesnt love me” as Jack believes, only to be told by Sawyer later, how wrong he was.
    Then theres good old Locke, Mr donttellmewhaticantdo. Heres a guy who is destined to be there even though people tell him he will never walk again. Did you see he could walk, he was never suprised? He was happy, grateful even, but never really suprised. In the back of his mind, he always knew. Whether it was due to the whole time travel thing, or due to the fact the he is supposed to do whatever the hell he is doing, “saving the island”. Whether a ruse by Ben, Widmore, Jacob, or Christian, you can bet that John the boxman has not fulfilled his destiny on Lost just yet. I dont care what the story of his death is, he will reside as the islands loveable kook who just might not be as crazy as first imagined.
    When he didnt shoot widmore, and walked into the others camp, you could feel the fact that he was believing in what was his fate was meant to be, his role as leader..goosebumps…”because he’s one of my people.”
    Sorry, Im rambling again.

  6. A.E.S. Locke is my favorite character from the time I began watching the show and his elusive role is still my fave.

    I fear I may be disappointed by him!!

    hope not

  7. A bit of a different spin on things.

    Faith is a belief in something you have no living proof of.

    Science attempts to prove or disprove those beliefs, or give a better understanding of them by applying facts, logic and reasoning.

    In its infancy, science never expected to find proof of things which were faith-based or oriented. It was considered by ‘the greats’ to be lunacy and/or fringe science.

    This show pushes that envelope.

  8. Some people Believe that indeed the BIBLE is living proof.

    And that Science is a necessity for our time here to understand and use to an extent that causes and helps healing.Now

  9. good theory and comments. I tend to want the show to end up more on the faith side of things, but alas, I fear I have been disappointed in that respect.

    As for those who feel that sci-fi makes the show more credible than faith, I tend to disagree. Making up science to explain phenomena on the island really isn’t that different than having faith or mystical explanations. Both are fictional, in the sense that the entire show is fiction–so what it seems to come down to is writer preference, that and what the execs will pay for. More than anything, Lost is a commercial enterprise. A commercial enterprise that has continually “lost” revenue as it becomes more sci-fi. Why? Who knows? It would appear to me that the masses of tv viewers are less interested in sci-fi.

    I hope the writers pull it all together and I am sure they have the talent to do that, but I do wonder which aspects will be used to explain the show.

  10. Locko, I tend to agree with the reason why so many people are disappointed, with the turn to the sci-fi aspects of the show currently.

    I wholeheartedly believe the aspects of faith have NOT been abandoned, as it is a HUGE part of the story. After all, 4 seasons have been spent on its emphasis.

    I suggest, to those who are dissatisfied, to have a little faith. (pun intended) As, I feel the two will be married up nicely.

  11. Hmm, I dont normally dwell on posts of this nature, not really a theory, yet, saying something concrete or important as one can view the show.
    My mind was drifting at work today, and I was thinking of the science fiction aspect of lost. At what point is the line between science fiction and religion drawn?
    A man walking on water? going on a journey to a ‘special’ place? A man being resurected after death? Religion meets science and fiction for that matter, at a place that miracles happen. Because miracles are either random acts of a god or of faith, with no true explanation. Or simply science introducing a new idea and explaining …the unexplainable.
    I am neither a religious fanatic, or ignorant of it, so right out of the gate, “I am not trying to offend anyone.”
    But what if time travel was truly possible. And what if you went back in time to see…say…Jesus. I swear Im going somewhere with this.
    Now, when you go back in time to see the Lord/savior, you notice something. You notice he performs miracles. Just like what was said of him. But take a true scientist back to biblical times and allow him/her to dissect the situation.
    Would the resurection, or water to wine, or walking on water still be true miracles? Or would say a Daniel Faraday be able to really dig, and come up with some answers for us?
    Now, I mean to take nothing away from Christianity as a faith, merely using it as an example.
    Lets apply this to Lost. Locke is seen by Richard and viewed as a prophet or god or savior of some sort Im assuming. The island time jumping to ‘others’ or Danielle or anyone else on the island, who didnt have a clue to what the hell was going on with the time jumping Losties.You see the reaction Danielle gives Jin upon returning to her at a later time…”you dissapeared” she yells, while firing off shots. Lets pretend for a minute. Lets pretend Danielle is the star of Lost and we were with her from her beginning, without knowing what we know.
    What would we as viewer assume was happening when Jin is found and the events we know now take place, but without seeing the previous Losties story. Oh the theories that would repeat themselves religion, time jumping, yadda yadda. My point being that hundreds of years ago, an aurora borealis, or a simple thunder storm, was the gods rebuttal to something they liked/disliked.
    We know now what causes these things, but that wasnt helpful to our ancestors long ago. They feared and respected gods due to such things. The unexplainable went unexplained out of fear of angering the gods, much like fear is the motive of the ‘others’ when it comes to Jacob or the island. “The island wont let you leave”. 2 years ago the island wouldnt, now its time and bearings that halt the leave of the island. 3 years ago Jacob was a biblical figure pulling strings from the heavens, now most view him as a mere lost soul imprisoned by the space time continuom. Will the marriage of the two be an explanation of religion? Will religion prevail, proving something science proved immpossible? Will Daniel Faraday himself, be the one that in the end not only created and harnassed time travel, but dislikes it or hates it by the end enough to build an army of ‘others’ to stop it from ever happening. Science fiction plays its role, maybe at the moment bigger than religion or faith on Lost. But will we discover a way to unlock the secrets of the religious world by dissecting and examining what makes it faith and not science. And I have rambled for quite a while without even knowing if this will make sense in the end, so one last question.
    If science could disprove religion, on Lost or not, would you give up your faith and worship the scientific minds of the world? And if science proves capable of doing just that on what cost? (to us or the Losties?)

  12. Hate to keep repeating the same word but…perception, perception, perception. I swear it is the key. At least until Faraday discovers a way to prove perception as a way of science thats actually all in your head…lol

  13. AES, I love it! I’m so pleased you articulated it so well. You did not disappoint. Great analogy.

    Even if science were to disprove matters of faith, it would never be enough to convince those who have an unwavering faith. In my opinion, that is what makes faith so strong.

    I almost feel when John Locke speaks these words to Jack, “are you a man of science, or a man of faith”, he is issuing Jack a challenge. The challenge, to look beyond what ‘the science’ of things seem to suggest, and take a leap of faith! To believe in something far greater than any science can prove or disprove. To see the divine at work, and simply accept it as that.

    The ultimate struggle in man will always come down to science vs faith.

    Perception, indeed!

  14. This was a very enjoyable conversation thanks all for your comments and Thomas5 for the post.

    AES you bring up some very good insight to how possibly lots of people are thinking. I like most that you have the guts to talk about in an open discussion. For the most part I do feel like science feels it already has dis proven Religion/Faith. Anyway really good job. And I am off to watch seasons 1-4 I will take my leave. I bet the next 2 eps really put us in overdrive and hopefully spin us around.
    I will be back with a report of my adventure.
    Oh by the way for the record I am a person of faith, But enjoy my sci-fi. live and love.

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