Jacob is Walt…possibly

OK, forgetting about the fact the eye we say was on a white guy’s face, why is there a portrait of a dog in the Cabin?! It must have significance or they wouldn’t put it in…or Vincent is Jacob, as they said we had seen him in a non-speaking role. Oh, Im new to the site so Im just babbling on with theories!

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3 thoughts on “Jacob is Walt…possibly

  1. This subject has been brought up since I began these sites about 2 years ago.

    Everyone and there DOG has been sighted as Jacob!HA!

    So I guess my point is research some J theories bcs every single character at one time or another has been called J.

    We need hard proof with hard facts to start any serious discussion about who J is at present.

  2. Interesting theory. I have always felt that Walt (and the other children on the island) will play a much more significant role than the show is leading us to believe.

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