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Has anyone got any theories? Could it be that Hurley is responisble for the numbers being what they are in the hatch due to some time loop stuff, he inadvertantly influences the choice of those numbers because he used them in the lottery, rather than some supernatural coincidence?

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  1. Thats a fun thought. Ive been trying to work something out and just cant get anything worth posting. The numbers are one of my all time favorite mysteries on lost. I seriously spent weeks of my free time trying to figure out what they meant…and found absofreakinlutly nothing. Nothing made any sense. No, same tyoe of numbers, no numerical patterns or syntax or anything. There is no evidence of any kind of connection to any real mathematical problem ever,at least that I could find. Then I thought about it and said…maybe thats the point. Maybe instead of finding the most secretive numerical pattern hidden for ages…, they did the opposite. Maybe they just kept choosing numbers, until the had six, that had absolutly no connection whatsoever when put in any order…and then I gave up.

  2. I heard that the signal of the numbers that rouseau’s team followed sounds an awful lot like Hurley’s voice…..If this is true…it could make for some interesting theories…

  3. This is an interesting line of thinking.

    So if Hurley does end up in the 70s Dharma station, and he does have the opportunity to decide what numbers to use to program the computer, perhaps he chooses his lottery numbers in the hopes that he will ‘reverse’ the bad luck that those numbers have been for him in the future-yet-his-past. Sure, it’s totally possible and I wouldn’t be surprised if it plays itself out.

    Here’s another thought that has less to do with computers though…

    I have always thought that the numbers are more of a metaphor, rather than something that actually has a meaning. Similar to what AES was saying. So, all of the coincidences and the numbers popping up ALL over the place…it isn’t to be taken literally that those numbers have some significant meaning as much as they reveal a bigger issue in general.

    We have talked about destiny/fate and free will over and over again. And we know that simply put, if someone chooses to believe in destiny, that person begins to find all the arguments that favor destiny. And same for free-will. I think those numbers are kind of like the debate, you can believe it to be all a bizarre, strange coincidence or you can try to find deeper meaning and think that the numbers actually have some ‘power’ or control over things. Like Hurley believing that they bring bad luck. This is the same Hurley that believes that everything bad is happening post-island simply because they lied.

    You can believe in anything to be the source/cause of another series of events…and then you act and make choices based on your beliefs. This seems to be the bigger point of the show in general. So we as the viewers have been given this awesome metaphor to follow from the very beginning, to see the numbers in so many different applications, scenarios, etc. and to wrestle around with trying to figure out the meaning. Coincidence? Fate? Random selection? Purpose?

    I’m rambling. I hope that makes sense.

  4. makes sense, a lot actually. To go a step more, maybe the ‘curse’ of the numbers…STARTED WITH HURLEY SAYING THEM IN THE 70s! The reason they hauunt him, as Lockes destiny haunts him, is due to something he did before he was even born.

  5. I think the first comment by AES makes a lot of sense, actually.

    The focus has been put on figuring out WHAT the numbers mean, when I believe it has more to do with the WHY.

    I like kimberly’s line of thinking on this.

  6. I agree with AES’s second comment, because as you all know, I believe the show is now a science-fiction show more than anything else. I believe Hurley will end up in the 70’s, or earlier and inadvertantly BE the reason the numbers are what they are, however, how this ties into co-ordinates I am still mystified!

  7. P.S

    I think (they’ve almost admitted it), that the writers kind of made it up as they went along until the 4th Season, but they will have to com eup with some AMAZING theory for the numbers plus any other idea they have given us to debate. It will be interesting as to how they conclude several ideas they laid down in season’s 1,2 and 3.

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