Coincidence? I think not! Episode 6

I just finished re-watching Episode 6, and I caught something amazing! In Thomas5 most recent post, he speaks about all of the coincidences on Lost, and hopes this is an element in the story telling the writers don’t abandon.

The one thing we are certain about on Lost, there is something very large at play. As Ms. Hawking so eloquently states, the ‘world’ is at stake. We are led to infer, the future holds some catastrophic event, they are trying to avoid.

We have been delighted with so many different elements over the course of the series. It is a magical story, with many twists and turns. We cannot forget the words of Ms. Hawking. Nor, should we forget the cautionary tale of Jughead.

While re-watching the episode, I noted on the bottom left hand corner of the aerial photograph Ms. Hawking removes from her file, taken by the United States Army. The date on the photograph is 9/23/54.

Why is this date so important? Why would the US Army be flying over ‘the island’, taking photographs on this particular date? Did something happen on ‘the island’ the day previously?

We know from the theory I posted on Uh Oh, is it safe?’the bomb that is, the US was testing Hydrogen bombs, specifically in the islands around the South Pacific. We also know Faraday told ‘the others’ to bury the bomb, the US left behind on ‘the island’, back in 1954.

Exactly 50 years later to the day, flight #815 crashes onto ‘the island’, on 9/22/04. Coincidence? I think not.

This brings us back around to the age old, burning question of what are they trying to change? What really happened on ‘the island’ 50 years ago? Is it the future they need to change, or re-write the past, on an island, which by the very nature of time itself, has prevented this catastrophe from occurring? I have no doubt, the clock is now running out of time.

Who are ‘the losties’? And, what part do they play, in this incredible mystery?

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~ Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. ~

23 thoughts on “Coincidence? I think not! Episode 6

  1. This is a really good observation! Great job! I think it must be something to do with the future though (like the bomb detonating or something) because Lost keeps on reinforcing that you can’t change the past. Desmond tells Charlie that he is going to die and there’s no way to avoid it because Fate always works it out somehow.
    Daniel also says that no matter how hard you try to change the past it will always end up the same, hence why even though Daniel told child Charlotte she was going to die if she came back to the island, she came back anyway and did, in fact, die.

  2. Hi Hayley, thanks for your comment.

    There are some very good theories on the site regarding the time travel elements. If, you get a chance, take a look at them.

    It would seem that Faraday’s statement regarding changing the past, is not literal.

    If, not changing elements of the past, ‘the losties’ entire point of going back to this time and place would be a rather pointless one.

  3. I noticed the date, too…just didn’t look at the picture well enough. I was drawing the connections with Ellie, Charles Widmore, John’s appearance, etc. Very nice catch on what could be happening related to the bomb.

    What an interesting event to be so central. And how interesting since Faraday says it to Ellie so off-handed, so distracted by trying to figure out how to get through the experience he is in rather than thinking about the implications of such conversations and possible end results given that he is in the past.

    And interesting that when the island finally settles down and the “TEMPORAL SHIFTS” (as noted from the ‘enhanced’ episode!) cease…that the group is in the 70s.

    So it would seem that if there is some course correction window, it would have been ‘logical’ to go and stay in the 1950s. But instead they land in the 70s, while Dharma is there…being Dharma.

    Perhaps the way to reconcile what happened in 1954 involves a unity between Dharma and the Others, which is possible only through the relationships created and maintained with the 815/316 Losties.

    Juliet, Sawyer, Jin, Miles, Daniel, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke…and I hate to say it, even BEN…their work together could ultimately transcend Dharma and the Others to bring about this reconciliatory event. That is factoring in the premise that Jack’s pretty well connected as an island leader through lineage and his ‘2004-post-815 crash’ role.

    So I used the word “interesting” a lot, but I really like this connection because we know that Hawking and her purposes/knowledge and therefore statements of understanding have quite a bit to them.


  4. Thanks, kimberly! What you say really makes a lot of sense to me.

    I found the information, knew it had to be important, but for the life of me, couldn’t make any connections, other than the obvious.

    I am convinced, the connection is an important one.

  5. Homerun! I caught the year, but missed the exact date and have not rewatched yet. This is interesting. To me, Jin being there in the Dharma suit would mean it would most likely be the 70s. But a very valid point about the photograph. Was this the date they buried the bomb, or is Dharma older than we think.
    OR..On a completly different level, did some losties travel to a different point in time. Could it be the 80s with Danielle, but then why the photo?
    Maybe if a previous theory of mine is true, is that the day Dan built the timemachine out of the bomb? Could this be the day, Eloise Hawking met John Locke, or found out Faraday is her son?
    Yep, your frying my noodle on this one Dabs.
    Nice Job!

  6. LOL, AES! I’m right there with you! I just about fainted with excitement, and I had no answers! Zip, Nada!

    I like both of your ideas, and think either could be possible.

    I think they are going back to the 70’s, to the beginning of Dharma, but it is possible some may not be in the same time zone. At least for a spell.

    I truly believe, Dharma is responsible for causing all of the problems on ‘the island’.

    I don’t feel they were at all good, no matter what their, ‘Namaste’ principles portrayed them as.

    I believe, through their own greed and lust, they did harm. That’s why they were purged!

  7. You know I love a good connection with religion at this point. Sinners.
    I dont think you agree with me on the whole Ben/Thomas thing, but what do you interpret from the little bible history class, Ben gave Jack? A mere alusion of whats to come, or a direct reference to the Thomas, that is Aarons real father?

  8. lol, I just love it when you get feisty!

    I happen to agree with you on Ben/Thomas, no matter what anyone else says!

    Ben’s sermon did not go unnoticed by this sinner!

  9. On your first comment: a) most good lost theories when we get to discussing like this makes me like that. b)this episode for some reason just didnt register like the others. It was some good, old school, kind of Lost. (wait until I rewatch if you want feisty)
    Second comment:We are either geniuses, or looney toons, because I think we may be the only ones
    Third Comment:Jack isnt always the stupid/smartguy he seems when it comes to picking up clues and hints. I normally hope my theories dont work, just for shock value (what kind of a theorist am I?)
    But I really want this to be true. I have been saying it and being beat down for it for such..a…long…time.
    …Yep, definetly fiesty

  10. AES, To answer your questions. A) I get that way too. B) The episode was the kind that has to sink in, because it switched gears again.

    Looney tunes, geniuses and feisty go together!

    I like your style, what can I say!

  11. Getting back on topic to DATES.

    When Jin asks Rousseau when they are she answers September 24 (22, 23?) 1988. Jughead is set in September 1954 and the crash of 815 is on September 22, 2004. Any others? Why is that month so significant?

  12. Andre7, I know these dates, connect to the ‘bigger’ story.

    I looked up on in the internet, and all references to those dates, relate back to the bomb, detonated on Bikini Island, on March 1, 1954.

    The only slight connection, to that event, was the massive fall-out of radiation from it.

    Wait a minute, Rousseau’s team were french scientists, and they landed a day after the US army took aerial photographs of ‘the island’.

    Were they on ‘the island’ for? It ties in, but we need to keep working it!

    Thanks for your input. I’d forgotten about the date Rousseau gave Jin. Nice catch!

  13. great call ont he date by danielle. People keep saying we dont have enough info yet. But i feel the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Not to mention, there has been little secrets revealed from past seasons almot every episode this season. Tracks in place, just gotta get the train moving now. Nice job all!

  14. AES, I think this can be cracked!

    One thing, we need to sort out, is Rousseau’s team, and why the went to ‘the island’, and who they were working for.

    Clearly, ‘the island’ didn’t want them there, and sent ‘smokey’ to take care of business!

  15. username, this is what I was referring to, in your recent theory.

    You built off of an idea, and gave it new meaning! I wholeheartedly believe in what you posted. I thought it was great!

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