Jin in a Dharma Suit?

After watching last night’s episode, I’ve come to the conclusion that the island has stopped jumping through time. When Locke turned the wheel, he stopped the island from ‘skipping’ through time. In this case, it stopped the island sometime in the 70s during the Dharma Initiative. The remaining people (Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Miles, etc.) were then stuck in the 70s. Obviously, the remaining ‘Losties’ had to blend in, so they assumed disguises as Dharma workers. This probably didn’t happen overnight, but it had to have been more than a couple of months to be able to assimilate and become believable Dharma employees. The key to this is that Jin was driving the Dharma VW Bus AND had access to guns, maybe on one of his security runs as an employee. According to the previews for next weeks episode, we find out what Locke does when he leaves the island. Notice the cast he had on his leg. Off the island, broken bones normally take about 3 months to fully heal. At least 3 months have passed from when he left the island to when he dies. And since he has stopped the island from skipping time, it has also been 3 months passed on the island, more than enough time to blend in and secretly become a Dharma employee.

The island is now moving forward in time beginning from the 1970s. Also, The Hatch is once again back and the button is once again being pushed every 108 minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ‘incident’ that the doctor in the training video kept talking about.

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I have been a fan of J.J. Abrams work since ALIAS (not the last 2 seasons of it though). So it was no surprise that I got hooked on LOST the moment it hit television. Favorite characters: Hurley, Desmond, and Sawyer.

8 thoughts on “Jin in a Dharma Suit?

  1. Nice Theory! Its funny i was just about to write the exact same one. haha.

    I would love to see the Incident. Mabye one of the 06/ other losties will be stationed in the Hatch at the time! that would be great!

  2. If the time skips (aka the thing that is killing the remaining losties) stop with Locke leaving, then why must the O6 go back to the island?

    There’s something about this idea that doesn’t add up for me. I am not yet convinced.

  3. Good stuff, i think though that they could have been in the Dharma village for about 3 years from when the 06 left. Remember they were off the island for around 3 years, but on the island the original flashes only took a few days as time is much slower on the island.
    So if time stopped when Locke turned the wheel that could mean they were in the 70s for some time…

  4. I cant help it, I try to find irony in every episode, and this one had its share. But I think its hilarious that we all thought the Losties would become the next ‘Others”, and here they are playing Dharma, possibly about to get wiped out by a ‘younger’ Ben.

  5. I didn’t catch what Jin’s suit said but I think it’s highly possible the O5 have arrived in a post mass-Dharma murder island. Jin could be wearing the Roger Workman outfit that belonged to Ben’s dad and be driving the vehicle just because he found it.

  6. 1985. According to Radzinski and Inman’s Swan map there was an incident in 1985 that caused the Dharma People to put all that concrete in place and seal up part of the Swan station and install a safety.

    Also the Dharma orientation films have a 1980 copyright, so Pierre Chang was most probably recording the Arrow orientation video-film in 1980 or 1981. It was before he lost an arm in any case.

    All of this would be before the purge in the early 1990’s (1992?)

    I checked the chronology in Lostpedia but some of it seems messed up to me. Especially the Desmond stuff.

    In any case, my guess would be early 1985.

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