Walt should be wearing a red and white shirt and cap

Forget “Where’s Waldo?”, I want to know wheres Walt? Everyone else plays a role, and this imagination come to life, bird magnet, that people, especially John Locke, thinks is special is not needed? I know, “he got too big, or they just dont need him”, but screw that. Im not even a Walt fan, and I think that if Michael still had work to do for the island, than Walt must have a real load to carry at some point. Im not saying they wont bring him back, Im just saying that I would think he would be necessary on the plane, no? Maybe bring something of Michaels along, I dont know.
Hell, I would have even settled for Abaddon, yeah, I said it. And for the record, yes I think theyre the same person, and no, its not just race. I also have been criticized for saying Ben and Thomas are one in the same. Its the whole “Mr. Locke….” thing more than anything, but I just think the walkabout he refered to is the same that Locke would go on to experience himself. He knew Locke from there, hence his words, “you wont recognize me”.
Call me nuts, but Im telling you. Maybe we would have found out if he would have been there.
Sorry, dont mean to rain on the parade, great episode, just expected Walt to walk on that Plane at some point.

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild Name meaning: -Abbot: Father defined by or in religious connotation/definition. From the beginning, Lost was riddled with religious tone and it was obvious it would play some sort of role. Seemed fitting to start here. -Enheduanna: Mesopotamian High Priestess and the modern civilization’s first recorded poet. I created the name after season 1. John explaining backgammon history to Walt spawned the idea that the island may have a link yo the beginning of civilization and maybe even time itself. It was “poetic” and important to add this to my pseudonym. I needed the mother of poetry in modern civilization to match the religious “Father” in my first name. -Schwarzschild: Reference to Karl Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild Black Holes. Smoke monsters, hatches, and curing paralysis doesn’t point to black holes…but the sci-fi elements ran deep and obvious. The wheel moving the island and transporting Ben felt like it got plucked from my imagination. A.E.S.

45 thoughts on “Walt should be wearing a red and white shirt and cap

  1. There is no mistaking Walt refers to John, as Mr. Locke, as does Abaddon. so, in my opinion, they are the same person.

    I’m wondering if Walt wasn’t on the plane because he left previously with Michael?

    However, if they were supposedly recreating events, similar to the original flight, I didn’t notice him being represented.

    I think it begs the question, of when and how will Walt be re-introduced. And, I think you already have found the answer to that!

    Good work!

  2. If Walt walked onto the plane it would have blew my mind. But who’s to say that Walt isn’t in the rear section of the plane, waiting to surprise us on the island? Anything can happen.

  3. I completely agree with you! Walt was such a central character earlier on and the questions he raised haven’t been answered yet.
    I am also confused about whether Frank joined the losties back on the island, along with Sun, Sayid and Ben. I think that although Widmore technically chose Frank to go, the island worked itself in there somehow. He was chosen somehow and he may be back on the island.

  4. All I know, is I am so glad they didnt use the runway…lol. Ah, I dont know how many times I have said it would be anyway but that way. I dont know why I hated the idea so much, the cheesyness maybe?
    Im sure it will play its part, I just didnt want to see them returning on a plane like that. Wheres the fun in a safe little landing, when you can wake up in the middle of the jungle and not know how the hell you got there……please dont say they could have been knocked out plane landed, and they could have been planted, because i will go as nuts as Hurley thought he was ;}

  5. Haha lol. I just realized something and I could sound totally stupid for saying it but here goes.

    I thought Ben couldn’t come back to the island after he turned the wheel?

  6. Hes a liar, a big liar. I dont have any other explanation, nor do I think there is one…Hes a lying liar. I would seriously say that Ben Linus isnty even his real name, if I didnt see his birth with his parents and all that. Hell, I STILL question it, just because its Ben…liar

  7. I think I’ve past the point of sanity tonight!

    hayley, you’re adorable!

    AES I think we may be seeing something of Walt in the next episode. Or, Abaddon.

    They weren’t kidding about his growth spurts!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist, the silliness. I must go now! lol

  8. Yeah I see what you mean. I think he’s probably a compulsive liar because he lies about the littlest things, like his mother teaching him how to read.
    He was such a cute kid, though. Who knew evil could be so adorable? lol

  9. Just for the record, at least once a day until they show him, I will ask the question here.
    Where the hell is Walt?
    I dont know why this particular subject or episode bothers me so much.

  10. I was being quite sincere hayley! Pay no attention, to AES!

    AES, I dare you to write in to Darlton, and pose the question, ‘Where in the world, is Walto’. lol

  11. Speaking of “Where the hell is _______”, where the hell ARE Rose and Bernard? Ever since the flaming arrow ambush/attack, they peaced and have yet to even be mentioned (I think).

  12. disrespect, please dont take it the wrong way..
    I believe the producers said something at some point about them to the tune of “Rose and Bernard are not gone…we will show them when they play a part in the storyline again”
    …but seriously…where the hell is walt?

  13. Walt and Abaddon? First I have heard that connection. Awesome!

    In the next four episodes or so they will definately be filling in the cracks and telling us the stories of the other passengers in coach! I don’t buy Ben’s callous ‘who cares?’ attitude for a moment. Not after all his ‘We’re the good guys’ from seasons 2,3,4. He never relents in seeing himself as a good guy. He would have justified himself to Jack somehow unless he was confident that the other passengers were in no danger.

    Ny feeling is that there was no crash. There was only turbulence, a mysterious bright purple light and a dozen or more passengers and the pilot just disappeared into thin air.

    Who says Jack and the others appeared on the main island. They could be on Alcatraz when they meet up with Jin…

  14. I thought you could only get to the smaller island by boat (the Others used a submarine to get to and from it to the main island, and Alex’s canoe boat is the other method we see), so unless there are multiple Dharma vans, I don’t see a boat transporting a van over.

  15. Andre7, I think that’s a good explanation about the plane, if it happens that way.

    It then presents a bigger question in my mind, Who was left flying the plane??

  16. Hey AES. I am 99% sure that Walt will be on next week’s episode.

    The actor has credits for appearing in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” on

    Does that help ease the frustration just a little???


  17. Kimberly, I must say, normally I would consider that spoilerish, not really a spoiler, but…ish. But this being my Lost crisis for the moment, free pass on this one. It does help ease my pain…a little. It just irks me. I am however satisfied to see Im not the only one. I really dont do spoilers or even look ahead at upcoming episodes, but I know what Im getting into on the theories sites. But thank you for a small peace of mind at least.
    Im seriously looking for another big reveal, and I think Abbadon..i mean Walt is about do. BTW….

  18. Oh AES, my bad! I’ll take your free pass and won’t abuse it.

    Look at it this way, in terms of deductive reasoning, too…which got this train of thought going in the first place.

    Remember when Walt goes to visit Hurley (last season) and he asked if “He came to visit him too?” and why the O6 is lying?

    I made a BIG assumption that given that next week is the “Life & Death…” that we would be seeing the ‘visits’ that Locke/”Bentham” made to various people, Walt included.

    Add to that the producers statement that “316” and “L&D of Bentham” could be interchangeable, that we would be given some status/explanation (probably not fully, of course) as to why Walt wasn’t included on 316.

    Does that help?

    For me, it still leaves wide open the possibilities of where they take Walt’s character – both past, present and future! So whether it is Abaddon, or heck…as I randomly mentioned a few weeks ago…that he could be who Bentham alludes to as ‘his’ teenage son in the obituary…we will see!

    Good rant. Rant away.

  19. Apology not necessary or accepted. (sorry, Office joke). I really didnt think about what I had heard the producers said. They could have been aired in reverse order brilliant. Stlii should have been on the pla..nevermind. Thank you for your insight, nose leed stoped, headache still there though.

  20. They may not give us that until the end to be honest, but trust me, Mr Locke is no fool, Im sure if he does run into Locke, we may get a subtle hint of some sort. I am all in on this one, either way…wheres walt?

  21. Satisfied?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if what we saw in “L&D of Jeremy B” was the producers way out of dealing with Walt and the aging character issues. I especially liked Abaddon’s reference, “he’s gotten big”…as if it was written for all us wackos who care about that kind of stuff.

    Personally, I liked Locke choosing to let things be with Walt. And I liked how Walt gave him one last little nugget…about the dreams.

    That does leave the door open as a reminder that Walt’s special…like Des, like Locke?

    We will have to see, I suppose.

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