Ben Attempted to Kill Penny

Ben either attempted to or did kill Penny before getting on Flight 316. Before he left the church, he said he needed to keep a promise to an old friend. Ben told Widmore, who could be that old friend, that he was going to kill his daughter Penny. With Ben being all-knowing, I can only assume that he knows that Desmond and Penny are together. When Desmond shows up at the church, Ben sees this as an opportunity.

When we see Ben on the phone with Jack telling him to pick up Locke’s body, Ben is dripping wet by a marina and beat up. My guess is that Desmond didn’t fly to L.A., but rather sailed in the boat that we saw him on in a previous episode. I am suspecting Ben went to kill Penny and ended up in struggle. He possibly could have fallen over the side of the boat.

It is funny that Bens shows up to Flight 316 and nobody even asks what happened to him.

I see the “316 – A follow-up discussion” by kimberly also thinks the same and takes it a step further by suggesting that Sayid knew this and Penny might have been one of those people that Ben wanted Sayid to kill.

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10 thoughts on “Ben Attempted to Kill Penny

  1. cappayne: You worded that perfectly. After Widmore’s warning to Desmond about Penny’s safety I should hope he took precautions. He left the church BEFORE Ben… If he did not loiter he could have made it back in time.

    poynetian: You bring up something that has nagged at me since season 4…

    I took note of Sayid’s warning to Jack and Ben that if they meet again it would be very unpleasant.

    Knowing Ben’s methodology as he does, Sayid may have gone straight over to slip 23 at the Marina, wondering why Ben asked them to meet at that particular place and found Penny and baby Charlie.

    Who else could have inflicted such damage to Ben? Desmond does not strike me as much of a street fighter. Also factor in the cause of the break between Ben and Sayid (still un-accounted for from season 4). Could the next name Ben had for Sayid been that of Penny Widmore or even Desmond? Sayid would definately have broken off with Ben at that point and refused to kill those two (perhaps in the Philipines at the birth of Charlie Hume).

    Sorry for going on so long, but there are too many nagging loose ends here… This should have been a seperate theory.

  2. Please allow me to add that in considering the fact that Ben was reading Ulysses while on board flight 3:16 it could very much suggest he had indeed had interaction with Penny.

    I say this because Ulysses parallels Homer’s Odyssey, both implicitly and explicitly. The wife of Odysseus in the Odyssey is named Penelope.

    So out of twisted satisfaction Ben could have been reading the book, or it could just be the writers/creators again being clever with us the viewer.

  3. Poynetian, what a nice, clean version of the events.

    I am reconsidering my feelings on the details of what happens to Ben. As Sayid was in custody, being returned to Guam, it had to be for a crime committed there.

    Sayid, may not have had the opportunity to go after Ben, but you never know.

    I don’t think Ben killed Penny. He did get banged up pretty bad, so he was likely intercepted by Desmond, somehow.

    Andre7, I think the reason Sayid made the break from Ben, was because he found out about Ben wanting to have Penny killed.

    Thorn, great connection on Ulysses and Homer’s Odyssey! Penelope, indeed!

  4. Thank you very much dabiatchishere, I have a theory brewing I may be posting separately about Penny in a moment. I just want to research something real fast to make sure I am looking at it properly.

    I wish I had as good an eye as you and some of the others, I find I have to watch the episodes several times and read through recaps to catch certain things.

    Of course I guess that is the fun of Lost 😉

  5. I’m still advocating that Sayid gave Ben that ace-whooping. Sayid has been laying people out this season, and he has motive with Ben, as Andre reminded us.

    Add to that, Sayid’s reaction to seeing everyone on that plane was a stark contrast to Hurley’s – who looked freaked, surprised, confused.

    Sayid seemed like he knew what was coming. So whether he was actually in custody, is to be revealed. Whether or not it was arranged by Ben will be a key part of that reveal.

    I know that Desmond would protect Penny (of course) but I think Sayid turning on Ben makes it much more interesting. Especially if Ben then turns on Sayid and manipulates the situation to get Sayid on the plane.

  6. Heres the problem with Ben not killing Penny. Desmond has no motivation to go back to the island. So a lightbulb goes off over Mr Linus’s head. He runs a few errands, keeps a few promises and murders Penny, and maybe a kid or two along the way (see a mothers loss for more on that).
    Heres where either my imagination gets away from me, or I watch too much Lost.
    Ben doesnt tell Des where hes going. I know Des has the power to change things, but I dont think thats what happens. I think Ben just runs, but makes sure Des knows it was him.
    Desmond knows where Ben and the others are going, and I think we are going to see a little more science versus ffaith involving Desmond…Or should I say, Science combined with faith.

  7. I think Ben could be responsible for both Sayid, and Desmond returning to the Island. I also think each could be responsible for the condition of his face, some others to boot.

    He is responsible for so much, and capable of much more than even I have given him credit for in the past I imagine. He is so deep, and dark a character.

    I like your thought A.E.S., it is very much in Ben’s character to do just that.

  8. I’ve also considered motivation for Desmond to go back to the Island, being to get revenge for the killing of Penny, but I just don’t want to accept that idea. I prefer to think that Sayid had inflicted the punishment on Ben as he seemed surprised to see Ben catch the flight on time – like he was thinking how did you make it on the plane, I thought I finished you off and threw you in the water.

    Also if Ben was able to get to Penny, I doubt he would have made to the airport without Desmond in pursuit.

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