Why Aaron is with Thomas

I thought the story that Ben told to Jack about Thomas the Apostle was a little strange, and then I got to thinking. What if Ben had contacted Thomas (Claire’s boyfriend, Aaron’s real father) about Aaron being off the island? It would make sense that Ben’s lawyer could threaten Kate with a change in custody if she did not cooperate with them if they had been in contact with Aaron’s real father (although the change in custody works with Claire’s mother as well, we later found out she has no idea of Aaron’s existence).

Maybe Thomas gets reunited with Aaron and although “having doubt” at the time of the pregnancy, changes his mind once he sees the child “in the flesh” (much like the Apostle Thomas). If Kate was present during this reunion it could have been enough to put her over the edge, stop living the lie and realize that there is nothing left for her off the island, inevitably leading her back.

I just can’t seem to buy into Aaron being with Sun’s nanny or Claire’s mother (who doesn’t even know who Aaron is).

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8 thoughts on “Why Aaron is with Thomas

  1. Until I see Ben and Thomas in the same scene, I still lean towards the thought that HE is Thomas.

    It is definately clear that Aaron is not with Sun’s nanny or Grandma Littleton as Kate would not be as freaked out as she was. I see those guardians as safe, low key, guardians.

    Aaron is definately now with someone that he should not be with, and if Thomas DOES exist, I do not think he wants anything to do with Aaron.

    I’m not sure we are looking at this correctly, I think the writers do a great job in making everybody wonder the WHO is Aaron with and not the WHAT happened to Aaron.

    I think the “Raised by Another” aspect of Aaron may has started to play out.

  2. Walkabout, what a refreshing approach! I really like this idea!

    AES, has been saying he believes Ben and Thomas are related, so that might work very nicely.

    I never gave your idea any consideration, but it is now one of my favourites! Bravo!

  3. Well if you look at a side – by – side of Ben and Thomas, it looks like Thomas could be Ben’s son, or Ben is Thomas, or something else crazy. Plus I remember seeing the painting Thomas had made and it was the same kind of drawings on the walls in the hatch. Not sure if it was a coincidence.

  4. Although I think Thomas will play a bigger part on the show, I don’t think that the story about ‘Doubting Thomas’ was about Thomas at all.

    But I really like your analogy – «once he sees the child “in the flesh”». It’s a cute theory. And it would make sense if Aaron was handed to Thomas, but that would mean that someone (Ben) would have to explain to him what happenned and I don’t see Ben doing that.

    I believe Kate has no idea were Aaron is, but she had to go along with the plan in order to keep Aaron safe, no questions asked.

  5. I think Aaron is with his grandmother. Kate had to go back the the island but she would not have brought Aaron with her so whatever force it is that’s calling them back had to make sure she would be willing to give him up. That’s why it brought her and Mrs. Littleton together. It can’t be a coincidence that Ben and Mrs. Littleton have the same lawyer for two completely different types of issues…

  6. highbrow – Why would Kate be so upset if she gave Aaron to Carole Littleton? Carole is a low-key person, and a safe bet for Aaron, so Kate would not have been upset giving Aaron to her.

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